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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Man to get free supply of Indomie for 6 months for returning N1.8m found inside a carton he bought

In a rare move, he returned it to the owner and said, "you sold the wrong carton to me."

An Enugu-based man, Mr. Chidiebere Ogbonna bought one carton of Indomie. However, what he saw inside was totally surprising. Instead of Indomie packs, he ended up seeing bundles of money that amounted to the tune of N1.8 million.

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He, however, did not choose to keep the money. Instead, he returned it to the shop where he bought it.

The excited owner of the shop, who confessed that Mr. Chidiebere saved him from embarrassment, as the money was meant to pay for goods, decided to reward Chidi by supplying him free noodles for six months.

Certified OAP who is attached to Darling FM shared the story on Twitter. He awarded Chidiebere as his personality of the week, adding that it is rare to find people like that these days.

When he was asked why he did it, he simply responded saying replied saying the money wasn’t his.

Therefore, he returned it to the owner and said, you sold the wrong carton to me.

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