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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Man who was bitten by a viper dies after he was taken to a herbalist instead of hospital

  • A young man from Abia State has died as a result of a bite from a poisonous snake.
  • The snake bit him after he mistakenly struck the snake while he was working at his farm
  • The young man was taken to a native doctor for treatment instead of a hospital
  • His body has now been deposited at the morgue

It’s a sad moment for the family of a young Abia man as tragedy has hit their home. A young man identified as Chidiebere Christopher Nwoko was clearing the weeds on his farm and then mistakenly struck a highly poisonous snake.

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According to AbaCityBlog, the young man hailed from Umueke Ekerifeze, Umuajata Olokoro in Umuahia south local government.

From the image shared on social media, the snake appears to be a gaboon viper, which is one of the most deadly species predominantly found in Central and Western Africa.

The gaboon viper rarely bites a person except when it is highly provoked. In the event that it does strike, it is highly advisable to administer antivenom as soon as possible.

In the case of Chidebere, they opted to visit a herbalist instead of a hospital and it proved to be a mistake.

NaijaHomeBased gathered that the bite resulted in serious swelling of his hand. After which, the young man died the same day.

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