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14 Most Profitable Blog Topics For Beginners And Pro Bloggers In 2019

Most people start their blogs with the aim of making money.

Major reason most new bloggers keep asking questions like, what blog topics make money fast—with less stress and minimal time investment?

One of my readers sent me an email asking what the most profitable blog niches are.

As a result of that question, I decided to share the top 14 blog topics and niches that have proved to be lucrative over the years; the most popular bloggers in those niches; and how they monetize their blogs.

There’s a wide range of blog topics to choose from— but the thought of narrowing down to small niches may come up—especially when you become aware of the competition you are most likely to face.

According to statistica, there’s an estimated 30.6 million blogs in the United States.

That figure is projected to reach 31.7million by 2020.

And that is just in the USA…

Imagine what number is out there.

It is estimated to be over 1 Billion.

Majority of those bogs are inactive and pose no threat to you, though.

Needless to say, you must still have it in mind that you will be competing against numbers and against qualities—no matter the niche you decide to settle for.

Making money blogging in 2019 is much more competitive compared to a few years back.

So because a blog topic is lucrative doesn’t mean it’s the best for you.

The more competitive a niche is, the harder it becomes to rank high fast in Google search results.

I have two blogs and I’m currently working on launching a new one.

But prior to deciding the niche for my new blog, I had to make a thorough research.

Most successful bloggers advise you to start a blog targeted at a niche you are passionate about.

But I say…. Nay.

I love WordPress and the BlogSpot platform and wanted to be more consistent blogging about both platforms.

But then I realized it’s hard to rank for most high traffic terms.

Many of the early articles I wrote about WordPress and Blogger went into oblivion. Simply because there are thousands of similar articles on the web.

Some niches are highly profitable but time consuming, energy draining and slow to yield any profits. Those niches demand patience and many weeks, months or even years of hard work. But eventually, if you’re patient enough, you will get to rank high in Google search results.

In terms of value of content, I classify blogs into two categories: blogs that publish evergreen contents and blogs that publish contents that expire in a day or two.

The latter makes money fast; the former makes money slowly or, in some cases, fast but not so fast.

Evergreen is the real definition of passive income. You write an article and for several years that article keeps earning you thousands of dollars.

Blogs that publish contents that expire in a day or two make money fast but require regular updating and constant maintenance.

For a new blogger concerned, if you start a blog in a niche that is highly profitable but demands several months of hard work, at some point, when you don’t get the results you envisaged, you may discover your passion for blogging waning.

Even if you are passionate about blogging, starting a blog on a niche that does not earn fast may pose a huge threat to your blogging career.

Especially if you have low capital and need to meet up with paying the bills and expenses involved in starting a successful blog.

In know not all blog niches make money fast.

And that’s why in each of the blog topics I’ll be listing below, I’ll indicate how hard it is to make money from it.

If you’re trying to find a niche for your blog, here are the 14 Most profitable blog topics in the World from my research:

1. Entertainment

There can be no denial, whatsoever, that an entertainment blog is by far the easiest to start; the most profitable by a thousand miles; and the most popular among new bloggers.

An entertainment blog is, however, an aggregation of several niches and not easy to manage. It requires constant updating and publishing on your blog to attract a great deal of audience and make quick impression.

This may be a difficult task for anyone who works alone. If you don’t have a team of content writers and social media managers, you may find it difficult to cope with the task of keeping your fans entertained.

Working alone on the entertainment niche? Work hard, generate enough money and hire hands when you become capable.

The most popular sub-niches of the entertainment blog niche are:

  • Gossip

There are a lot of gossip blogs all over the world, but the one that stands out from the crowd is Perezhilton. According to a Forbes report, it generates a whooping $575,000 per month covering Hollywood Celebrity Gossip. Almost all the income is generated from sponsored ads.

If you are dreaming of making that much, as a starter in 2019, you may be considered over-ambitious.

However, making 1/100 of that shouldn’t be an issue. Don’t you think?

I want you to know, though, that most people already have their favorite entertainment blogs. So, as a starter, you need to give your blog an early social media exposure.

Prepare enough funds to run good social media ads campaigns that will help kickstart your entertainment blog.

Gossip blogs leverage on already made fans of celebrities—so with proper promotion and quality contents, a gossip blog is one of the easiest blogs for beginners to start.

For a personal blog owner, you may post about yourself for all the world cares and not get visitors to your blog. However, try posting on popular celebrities and see tons of fans of those celebrities flock to your blog.

  • Viral content

You must have come across a few of such blogs. They specialize in publishing viral blog posts. Articles with headlines that trigger clicks and consequently, a lot of traffic.

Headlines like:

  • 10 incredible moments no one would have believed if not captured on camera
  • These pictures were taken just the minute before disaster.

Most viral content writers have mastered the art of ads arbitrage. It is always the best way to kickstart a viral content blog.

2. Make money online

One of the best ways to make money online is by teaching people ‘how to make money online’.

However, make money online topics have been covered in millions of axis—so it’s extremely difficult to start a make money online blog that will instantly get tons of visitors.

Almost all make money online blogs publish evergreen contents. They are hard to rank for. But when they eventually rank high, they make money for years.

Have you seen Pat Flyyn’s income report?

A breakdown of how he makes money with his blog is always listed in his income report.

Pat Flyyn makes over 2 million dollars annually. He didn’t get there in one day, though. Articles he wrote many years ago still earn him fortunes till today.

Other popular blogs in the make money online niche are:

Want to start a make money online blog?

If you try to rank for all the search terms in ‘make money online’, your articles may end up all over the place.

So I recommend you niche-down for a while and cover certain key sub-niches.


3. Fitness and Exercise

A Fitness blogger shares information regarding physical fitness or bodily workout with his/her readers.

Your fitness lessons can fall into categories like, yoga, dance, pregnancy workout, or any other fitness related category.

Although a fitness blog is most effective on visual platforms like YouTube and Instagram, if well blogged about, a fitness blog can easily attract tons of visitors and make a lot of money.

A good way to monetize a fitness blog is by recommending useful workout machines/devices on Amazon to your readers. You can also easily monetize your fitness blog using Google AdSense.

4. Sport

Sport blogs attract a lot of visitors. However, we have them in large abundance in the web.

People, all over the world, are generally into one sport or the other. So, starting a sports blog is a reasonable idea for any one who is very familiar with the terms in sports.

However, it’s not every sport that has a huge fan base. Soccer (Football) is the most popular and widely followed sport in the world. And the FIFA Word cup is the largest single sporting event in the world.

Basketball is another hugely followed sport in the United States. And The NBA is the largest basketball league in the world. So, covering all the major happenings in the NBA is never a lame idea.

I consider sport blogs very stressful. Most articles on sports generate tons of visitors, but only for a while. Most articles written on sports are not evergreen.

But for anyone that’s in love with sports, blogging about should be fun and never boring.

Just like an entertainment blog, it’s not so easy to quickly get recognized as Sport blogger. You may need to promote your blog using Social Platforms like: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

You may also need to invest a part of your capital into advertising, in order to give your blog quick online visibility.

5. Tech

Another very profitable niche is the tech niche. Tech blogs publish articles on tech news, gadgets reviews, and how-tos.

Tech news attract audience very quickly. Many people around the world are always eager to see tech-related updates. Major reason tech blogs command a huge number of traffic.

Popular blogs in this niche are listed in my review on tech blogs.

Since there are several blogs already doing very well in tech related topics, you may have to niche-down, in order to quickly rank for certain tech related search keywords.

6. Education

An education blog can serve as a platform for providing academics-related information to parents looking to improve their children’s education, provide information about institutions and study-materials that can help improve students’ performance, etc.

You can publish blog posts related to the following popular topics in education:

  • Lesson plans
  • Performing better in academics
  • Tutoring blogs
  • Best colleges overseas
  • Developing good reading habits, etc.

Monetizing your education blog with AdSense should be very easy. The moment you begin to get quality number of visitors to your site, you’ll begin to earn a decent amount of money from the Google ads placed in your site.

You can also monetize your education blog by promoting affiliate products or selling your own products.

Most bloggers that monetize with AdSense don’t share their income—as it is against the AdSense policy to do that. But from the number of education-related queries flooding Google everyday, it’s easy to tell it’s a lucrative blogging topic.

Some colleges and online degree courses have affiliate programs. If you work on your marketing skills, affiliate promotion should be really easy.

7. Personal Finance

A personal finance blog is closely related to the make money online blog. Only that personal finance bloggers go much further by teaching people how to whip their finances into shapes.

Just like the make money online blog, this blog topic is not child’s play.

To get people to listen to you, you must prove to them that you’re a big player in the game; and that your finance tips are worth listening to.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents is one of the big names in the Personal Finance niche. Her blog rakes in more than $100,000 per month through sponsored posts and her affiliate marketing course.

8. Food

Food blogs can be lucrative, if you know how to do it well. Even a site that does not teach cooking primarily, was able to attract over 1 million views for how to boil an egg blog post. I’m speaking of WikiHow.

While it’s impossible to replicate WikiHow to do anything, you can create your own ‘WikiHow to cook food’.

Running a successful food blog needs new content often—especially when you’re just starting—which means a lot of cooking and coming up with new ideas.

Also, you need to be able to capture quality photographs of your cooking process and end results.

As it is with most lucrative blog topics, It can take time to build up good readership and income. But when you eventually do, it keeps getting better and better.

It’s easy to promote food blogs on Social bookmarking sites. You can get a lot of traffic from Pinterest and monetize with AdSense.

You can also monetize your cooking blog by adding affiliate links of the tools and kitchen utensils you make use of.

9. Health & wellness

People visit the internet looking for answers for several health-related terms. Providing answerers to some of the unanswered questions is never a bad idea.

Although there are already established heath & wellness blog, you can still start a blog target at health & wellness related niches and succeed.

10. Religion

Blogging about religion does not demand that you be a clergyman. I’ve come across a couple of Christian bloggers who simply cover particular topics in Christianity and are doing really well with their blogs.

There are over 1 billion Christians in the world, and many of them visit the web everyday trying to understand certain concepts about Christianity. All that’s required of you us just to meet their needs.

There are several good blog topics in Christianity that can easily attract a lot of visitors.

However, you must be careful when blogging about religion.

Discrimination and hate-speech is not tolerated by Google AdSense and most contextual advertisement companies—which are the primary means of monetization for most bloggers.

One of the most popular relegion blogs out there is worldreligionnews. It has over 60,000 Facebook fans and monetizes with AdSense.

11. Freelancing

The freelance marketplace keeps growing every year, and there are thousands of freelance related search queries every month. But surprisingly, not too many people blog about freelancing.

Many buyers need help with outsourcing, and many sellers need help with tips to boost their productivity.

Most freelance search terms are very easy to rank for.

If you start a blog that talks about the most popular freelance sites, like: Fiverr, UpWork, iWriter, the chances of you ranking high is very easy.

Your Freelance blog can be monetized with Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

12. WordPress

WordPress is the biggest blogging platform in the world and hosts million of websites all over the world.

Imagine the number of traffic you will command if you write quality articles about WordPress: latest releases and updates.

Many bloggers already make a fortune by building multiple WordPress targeted small niche sites that offer quality reviews on:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins

Remember I said earlier that it’s hard to rank for terms in WordPress. There’s WpBeginner and ShoutMeLoud doing very well in this topic.

those two are very popular and are authority websites in the WordPress niche.

If you’re gonna cover WordPress topics, then you need to aim at covering unattended issues or the less competitive ones.

You can also aim at building small niche sites targeted at just either: WordPress hosting, WordPress themes, or WordPress plugins.

Google loves small niche sites and gives most of them good ranks. It’ll be harder to rank high if you’re trying to target all.

13. SEO

A lot of people surf the net everyday trying to learn all the possible ways to rank their sites higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). If you can help them achieve that, then it’s never a bad idea to start a blog that talks about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

However, a blog that talks about SEO is not so easy to monetize. You need to showcase your expertise in the area of SEO in order to build loyal readers.

The world’s most successful SEO blog is The Moz blog reportedly makes over $4,250,000 monthly.

To make that much as an SEO expert, you must really standout.

Another big and very popular one-man-squad SEO blogger is Neil Patel.

Over the years, Neil Patel has showcased his acumen in the field of Search Engine Optimization, and has worked with many clients.

According to him,, although just one out of his many blogs, earns over $2000 per month.

An SEO blog can monetized from:

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Offline work with clients.
  • Selling of personal SEM tools (just like the Moz blog).

Search Engine Journal is another popular SEO blog. Its articles though, are mostly non-technical SEO related. is always one of the first publishers of SEO breaking news and updates.

The site is monetized using Google AdSense and affiliate promotion.

14. Blogger

Blogger, owned by Google, is one of the largest free blogging platforms in the world—with millions of users worldwide.

So many new bloggers get stuck trying to fix certain issues with their BlogSpot blogs. They must have Googled and not found answers before resorting to asking in the Blogger Help Forum.

You can build a small niche site that’s targeted at solving most of the unattended issues BlogSpot Bloggers are currently being faced with.

Those are the most profitable blog topics from my study. Other blog topics are also profitable. But in terms of traffic commanded, the ones mentioned above stand out.

You must realize that the best blog niches are usually highly competitive. So as a starter, you must work on ways to standout among hundreds of thousands of other blogs in your niche.

What do you have to say?

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