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MTN Beta Talk Migration Code, Checking of Bonuses & Opt-out Code

MTN BetaTalk is one of the sweetest prepaid plans on not just MTN, but among other networks in Nigeria. In this guide you’ll discover the migration code to MTN BetaTalk, how to check your bonus balance, and how to opt-out or unsubscribe from the plan.

We previously shared a guide that explained all the prepaid plans MTN has for its Nigerian customers; and in that guide we featured BetaTalk.

Every plan comes with its perks, upsides and downsides; and obviously the BetaTalk plan was create for people looking to get more recharge value on calls.

Immediately the tariff was launched, it quickly gained widespread recognition among MTN customers nationwide. At a point, it was claimed that around 60% of subscribers preferred it to other plans.

Right now, however, Pulse seems to be gaining more popularity than any other prepaid plan on the network. Notwithstanding, BetaTalk still remains one of the best, and one in which a lot of people still wish to migrate to.

How MTN BetaTalk Works:

MTN BetaTalk: The best things in life are priceless

BetaTalk rewards all of its subscribers with 250% bonus airtime on every recharge of ₦100 and above. In other words, if you recharge ₦100 you’ll get ₦250 as bonus, making a total of ₦350.

One good thing about this tariff is that it doesn’t charge an insane call rate because of the huge bonuses it offers… Unlike some networks that charge heavily after gifting their customers with heavy bonuses.

Calls to all networks within Nigeria will be charged at the rate of ₦25.20/minute (42k/sec) from your main account and ₦27/minute (45k/sec) if you have money in your bonus account. Your bonuses will always be charged first. Your main account will not get charged in as much as you have money in your bonus account.

However, calls made to international destinations will be charged at the normal international destination call rates.

SMS to all networks in Nigeria is charged at N4 per 160 characters.

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How to migrate to MTN BetaTalk

To Migrate to MTN BetaTalk all you need to do is Text BT to 131 or dial *123*2*1#.

You will immediately receive a message confirming your subscription to your new plan. Thereafter, you can begin to recharge and enjoy all the bonuses associated with this plan. Migration to BetaTalk is free, provided you did not carry out any migration within the previous 30 days. If you did, then migration will attract a one-time fee of ₦100 only.

How to check MTN BetaTalk Bonus Balance:

As earlier noted, everyone subscribed to this awesome tariff enjoys a bonus of 250% on all recharges from ₦100 and above. But that’s not all! You also enjoy a bonus of 10MB once a week if you recharge ₦100.

The code to check BetaTalk bonus balance is checked by dialing *556#. This should display your main account balance along with the bonus balance. The data balance, however, can be checked by dialing *131*4#.

How to opt-out or unsubscribe from MTN BetaTalk

You may decide in future you no longer like the BetaTalk tariff and wish to unsubscribe. There’s no direct opt-out code, however. To opt-out means you have to choose and register with another plan. Dial the code of any plan you wish to subscribe to.

Pay attention → Tariff plans on MTN and their migration codes.

The moment you unsubscribe you’ll cease to enjoy all the benefits associated with it. Also, whatever bonus you have in your account balance will be wiped off.

Things to note

Here are very important things to take note of if you decide to stick with MTN BetaTalk:

  • All customers subscribed to the BetaTalk tariff plan are not eligible to participate in Share and Sell. In other words, you can’t transfer credit from your line to that of another customer.
  • Bonuses are only valid for 7 days… after which it would be wiped off if not used up.
  • Recharging via VTU will earn you the same bonus as buying a recharge card.
  • Recharges below ₦100 will earn you a bonus of only 150%.
  • There are no daily access fees associated with this plan

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