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MTN Nigeria Tariff plans Migration Codes, Call Rates & Benefits

MTN Nigeria has several postpaid and prepaid tariff plans available to all new and existing customers. This guide will help you know the migration codes to all the MTN tariff plans available to Nigerians along with their benefits.

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MTN is one of the the most popular telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Almost every person who uses a phone in Nigeria owns an MTN line.

Major reason Nigerians need a guide to help them choose an MTN tariff plan that will help them get the best out of their lines.

Although there are several tariff plans on MTN, each one comes with its perks & advantages over the others.

Some of them are more suitable for data lovers, while some on the other hand are more suitable for people who only want to get the best value on calls.

Whatever the case may be for you, this guide will help you know the cheapest MTN tariff plan.

We will be highlighting all of the criteria for choosing a good MTN tariff plan, which are:

  • Call rates(Local & international)
  • Bonuses(data & credit)
  • Rental cost and fees, etc.

Without further ado…

Here are the MTN tariff plans:

MTN pulse: Migration code *406*1#

MTN tariff plans - pulse

MTN pulse is one of the most popular prepaid tariff plans among customers because it offers an unbelievably cheap call rate of 11K/s (kobo per second) on both on-net and off-net calls (calls to MTN and other networks in Nigeria). But there’s a condition to enjoying that cheap call rate; the first 50 seconds of your first call of every day will be charged at 25K/s (kobo per second); thereafter you can begin to enjoy 11K/s. Migration code for MTN pulse is *401*1# or SMS “406”to 131.

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Other benefits on MTN pulse include 100% data bonus on purchase of 500MBweekly bundle, 10MB data bonus on ₦100 recharge once a week, Up to 1GB pulse Nightlife Bundle for ₦100 (₦25 for 125MB × 4 and ₦50 for 250MB × 2 for a day), and music streaming on Music+ at ₦10/day.

MTN Xtraspecial: Migration code *408#

Xtraspecial is an MTN tariff that’s more suitable for everyone who wants to get the best value for their recharge on local and international calls.

A flat rate of 15K/s is charged on calls made to all the networks in Nigeria and networks within the following international destinations: Canada, China, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Malta, and Luxembourg.

To migrate to MTN Xtraspecial all you need to do is dial *408*1# or *123*2*3#
Or SMS “408” to 131.

The cost of migration is free provided your last migration was not done within the previous 30 days. Also, there are no daily subscription fees attached to this tariff.

MTN BetaTalk: Migration code *123*2*6#

MTN BetaTalk is another prepaid tariff plan available to all new and existing MTN customers in Nigeria. It is in fact one of the oldest tariff plans on the network.

The BetaTalk plan rewards you with 250% bonus airtime on all recharges from ₦100and above. In other words, if you recharge ₦100 you’ll get ₦250 bonus, making a total of ₦350.

However, the call rate on MTN BetaTalk is much higher compared to other tariff plans on the network.

All calls local calls are charged at the rate of 42K/sec (25.20 naira per minute) from main account and 45K/sec (₦27/minute) from bonus account.

Notwithstanding, the insane 250% bonus makes up for the high call rate. Reason is, a recharge of ₦100 will guarantee you a talk time of approximately 13.2 minutes; which is more than a fair deal.

Other benefits of the MTN BetaTalk tariff include 10MB bonus once per week on every ₦100 recharge, and whatever main credit or data balance you have will not get charged until all bonuses are exhausted.

To Migrate to BetaTalk and begin to enjoy all the above benefits all you need to do is dial *123*2*6# OR SMS “BT” to 131 (without quotes).

MTN Xtravalue: Migration code *131*2#

Xtravalue is an MTN tariff plan with several bundles that balance the value on both data and talk time.

The bundles are of two forms, which are: XtraTalk (more value on talk time) and XtraData (more value on data). The lowest bundle is XS (extra-small) and it costs ₦300 while the largest bundle is XXXXL and it costs ₦20,000.

With this plan you can choose to get more value on talk time than data volume by subscribing to XtraTalk OR more value on data than talk time by subscribing to XtraData.

Let’s take for instance you subscribe to XtraTalk (XS) at the cost of ₦300, you’ll get an airtime volume of ₦975 and a data volume of 50MB. If you’re interested in subscribing to XtraTalk ₦300 SMS “V300” to 131.

See the image below for all the XtraTalk bundles and their subscription codes.

MTN XtraTalk bundles

As earlier noted, XtraData (XS) on the other hand gives you more value on data at the same cost of ₦300. With this bundle you’ll get ₦372 airtime and 150MB data volume. To subscribe XtraData ₦300, SMS “D300” to 131.

See the mage below for other XtraData bundles and their subscription codes.

MTN XtraData bundles

The call rate for each of the XtraValue bundles are different and can be seen in the images above.

Summary of MTN tariff plans

Here’s a summary of the MTN tariff plans and their subscription codes:

Tariff plan Migration code
MTN Pulse *406*1# or SMS “406” to 131
MTN XtraSpecial *408#
MTN BetaTalk *123*2*6# or send BT to 131
XtraValue *131*2#

Note: MTN Zone and MTN XtraPro tariff plans are not available to new customers at the moment.

Migration to any of the plans above is free, provided your last migration wasn’t carried out within the previous 30 days.

However, if your last migration was done within the previous 30 days you’ll be charged a fee of ₦100 to migrate.

As you can see… MTN provides its customers some of the best tariff plans for calls and data compared to other network.

Notwithstanding, you still need to compare with Glo Tariff plans and other network to know which one really meets your need.

After all, one is allowed to own unlimited number of SIM cards in Nigeria.

Also check to read our review on the latest MTN data bundles and their price list.

If you have any experience while using any of the tariff plans above, feel free to share them using the comment section of this post.

We hope you find this article helpful.

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