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MTN Pulse Migration Code, Benefits, Call Rates & how to opt-out

MTN pulse is without doubt one of the best tariff plans on MTN Nigeria… and was featured in our list of the latest MTN tariff plans. However, the information provided on that list post was just the highlights of the main benefits of Pulse. Consequently, we decided to share this guide to help you learn more about the Pulse tariff plan including information on the migration code, benefits, bonuses and call rates.

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MTN has millions of subscribers in Nigeria. Although the network is present in other countries, it has thrived more on the Nigerian soil. In other words, Nigeria is its biggest marketplace.

Needless to say, the NCC and the Nigerian populace expect a lot of goodies from the network; and it has been, as a matter of fact, living up to some of those expectations.

Not too many plans have a perfect balance on both calls and data. However, MTN pulse does a perfect job at that.

Whether you’re a lover of cheap calls or bonus data MTN pulse will meet your very need.

Before making further claims and hyping the tariff so much, I’ll list out all of the benefits associated with migrating to MTN pulse. The decision whether to switch or not from your current plan will be left for you to make.

Benefits of MTN pulse

MTN pulse tariff plan: We are the pulse
  • 11kobo/sec charge rate for calls made ACROSS ALL local Networks after spending NGN12.50 daily (on calls).
  • Stream your favorite songs all day long on Music+ at the cost of just ₦10/day
  • Up to 500MB of pulse night bundle at the cost of ₦100 only
  • 100% data bonus on purchase of 500MB weekly bundle… making a total of 1GB for ₦500 only.
  • Weekly 10MB data bonus on recharge of ₦100 and 20MB bonus on recharge of ₦200 or more, also weekly.
  • Unlike some other tariff plans, there are no daily subscription fees attached to MTN pulse apart from the NGN12.50 charged on first calls of the day (first 50secs only)  i.e. 50secs @25k/sec.

There are many more benefits associated with Pulse… let’s just leave it at that first.

MTN pulse Message & call rates

One of the most important factors to consider before joining a tariff is the local and international call rates. Will you get good value on calls for your recharges on the MTN pulse plan? Let’s find out:

  • Calls to all networks within Nigeria is charged at 11Kobbo/sec. To enjoy this benefit, however, you must have made your first call of the day which shall be charged at 22K/sec for the first 50sec. In brief, after your first 50secs call the other calls will be charged at ₦6.6 per minute. Wait a minute, don’t you think MTN pulse is the best tariff in Nigeria?
  • The standard MTN international call rate apply to the pulse tariff.
  • Messages to all networks in Nigeria is charged at ₦4 per 160 characters.

MTN pulse migration code

To migrate to MTN pulse and begin to enjoy all the aforementioned benefits dial *406#or *123*2*2#; alternatively,SMS “406” to 131.

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Migration is free, provided you did not carry out your last migration within the previous 30 days. Also, the pulse tariff plan is available to prepaid customers; so you can migrate to it anytime you want.

MTN iPulse and Pulse Differences

Want to know the key differences between MTN iPulse and Pulse? If your answer is yes, then you need to read on.

A lot of people still find themselves confusing and misinterpreting the benefits of both tariff plans, which indeed are similar in the way they are pronounced but have several key differences.  

iPulse was introduced to help students around campuses in Nigeria get the best value on recharges, iPulse to iPulse calls and a host of other benefits. In other words, iPulse was created for people or students living within Nigerian campuses. All those benefits cease to exist when you step out of campus areas.

However, iPulse doesn’t really exist anymore. What we have at the moment is just Pulse. Both tariffs were merged… and is no more just the students’ plans but a plan for everyone. 🙂

How to opt-out of MTN pulse

Whenever and wherever you decide you no longer want to be a subscriber to MTN pulse, you can easily opt-out by dialing the code of the tariff plan you wish to migrate to.

Take a look at all the MTN tariff plans available at the moment.

You will not be charged any fee for migrating to a new plan, provided your last migration was not made within the previous 30 days.


In my opinion, MTN pulse is one of the best tariff plans in Nigeria. If you doubt that, you can read our articles on Glo tariff plans and compare for yourself. By the way, I did not say the best ooo… I only said one of the best.

Along with the cheap 11k/sec call, my personal favorite on the Pulse tariff is the nightlife bundle. With the nightlife bundle I get 2GB for just ₦400 whenever I want to. I could get higher than just 2GB if I wanted. However, I decided to leave it at that.

One man’s food is another man’s poison, so they say. Notwithstanding, I’m sure the pulse tariff is the most popular on the network. BetaTalk maybe sits in second place.

Have any questions or contributions regarding this guide? Feel free to share using the comment section below.

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