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MTN Recharge Code: How to Load Credit on MTN

Don’t know the code for recharging on MTN? This guide will help you out. We’ll share with you the MTN recharge card code and how to use it.

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MTN Nigeria is one of the most popular network among the millions of telecom subscribers in Nigeria.

The parent company, MTN Group Limited, has its headquarters located Johannesburg, South Africa. Notwithstanding, the network remains one of the favourite for Nigerians.

There are several easy means to recharge your MTN line; however, most people still prefer purchasing cards from visible stores.

For new subscribers or users of multiple lines, situations may arise whereby you’ll forget the code used for loading a recharge card you just bought. Fear not! This guide is here to help you out.

How to recharge an MTN Card:

  • Firstly, scratch the silver panel on your card to reveal the recharge PIN.
  • Dial *555*CARD PIN# on your mobile device, followed by the send key.
  • Wait till you receive a message confirming your recharge.

Note that the network may be poor sometimes, which may result to your card not getting loaded. If that’s the case, all you need to do is try again when you believe the network is much better.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding MTN recharge cards:

How many digits is MTN recharge card PIN?

Currently, there are 17 digits PIN (Personal Identification Number) present in MTN recharge cards. As of 2015, there were 12 digits; however, changes occured which resulted to an increase to 16 digits, which has now further increased to 17 digits.

How much are MTN recharge cards sold in Nigeria?

Formerly, airtime vouchers were sold at the exact amount you wish to top-up; however, due to an increase in cost of production and several other factors, many small shop owners around Nigeria prefer to add N10 or N20 to the original cost.

Is there a cheat code for MTN recharge card?

It is extremely difficult to cheat MTN by guessing recharge PIN. Quite alright, there have been instances when people were lucky enough to guess recharge PINs and get them.

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However, the chances of guessing a recharge pin and getting them is like one in a million. Moreover, it is highly risky and may lead to your line getting barred from recharging.

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