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MTN Welcome Back: How to Retrieve Your Lost, Damaged or Stolen SIM

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MTN welcome back / SIM SWAP is a service that allows customers retrieve their lost, damaged or stolen MTN SIM cards. Right here you’ll learn how to do MTN welcome back this year, and all the bonuses and benefits you stand to enjoy.

In the past, it was possible to do MTN welcome back from home. All you would have had to do was buy a welcome back pack and follow the instructions on MTN selfcare portal.

In recent times, however, the steps involved are somewhat strenuous; there’s no means for you to do it from home anymore.

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Notwithstanding, you will not face any difficulties if you follow the information this guide provides.

How to do MTN welcome back / SIM swap in Nigeria

Step 1. Visit any MTN service point near you

Step 2. Approach the customer care representative there and tell them you’re interested in having a SIM swap / welcome back

Step 3. Complete the welcome back form and provide all valid documents when you’re asked to do so.

Step 4. Wait till your information is verified, and get your new SIM afterwards.

You might be wondering what documents you need to provide during MTN SIM Swap; keep reading to find out.

Requirements for retrieving MTN SIM:

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To retrieve your stolen, lost or damaged MTN SIM, you must be able to provide the following information and / or documents:

  • Provide the pack of your lost SIM. Alternatively, present a sworn affidavit attesting to ownership and loss (that’s if you can’t find your SIM pack).
  • You must be able to provide at least three (3) frequently-called numbers
  • Provide details of your last recharge activities, upon the demand of the customer care agent attending to you.
  • You must be able to present a valid means of Identification, like: International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card, Voters Identification Card (NIN slips are also accepted).

My girlfriend recently complained that her NIN slip was rejected at the centre where she went for a SIM Swap in Abakaliki. My response was, the customer care must have been totally clueless or a new employee who clearly didn’t know the requirements.

The requirements listed above was extracted from the official website of MTN Nigeria. Which means MTN accepts NIN slip as a means of identification.

Aside from SIM swap, your NIN slip is a valid means of identification anywhere, any time and any day.

How much does it cost to do MTN welcome back / SIM Swap?

Currently, the cost of doing welcome back is 1000 naira only. If you do it in an official MTN store, you’ll receive a welcome back credit worth 800 naira. If you use a third-party, you may not enjoy that benefit. That’s why it’s much better to use an MTN store.

MTN stores are located in all the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory.

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  1. Good morning here,my mtn sim card has damaged and I went to there nearest store to retrieve my sim card but they asked me to present my sim pack which I don’t know exactly where I placed it.And the man I met in mtn store said I should go and do affidavit for that my lost sim in order for me to claim the sim as the owner.Sir, I want to ask you this, Like how much is affidavit will take..pls I really need answer for this.

  2. If I retrieve my demaged sim, will I be able to see my data and credit on the new sim, is it compulsory to go with avidavit

    • If you retrieve your SIM, you’ll still have your credit and data (if the sub hasn’t expired). And you will need to present an affidavit only if you lost your SIM pack.

  3. Pls, I don’t have any of those identity cards apart from my school I.D and work I.D, what can i do to retrieve my sim.

    • My boss phone was stolen with his mtn SIM I was not the one that register the SIM neither him either is one of my colleagues he as travel will can’t get to him again. Now he want the same number back can they still give me in mtn office?

  4. I went to retrieve my sim and I was told my number is on VIP so I don’t understand what they means can you please explain better

  5. I want to retrieve my lost sim but am not from this country and I don’t have voters card in this country , please what will I do

    • The same steps apply to countries where MTN operates. So, you should be able to retrieve your SIM in your country using the identification files as apply to your own country.

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