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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Muslims rain insults on Arewa triplets for kissing their sister on her chick

Some Arewa triplets, consisting of 2 boys and 1 girl, shared a photo of themselves on social media. In the photo, the two boys kissed the sister on both sides of the chick. However, that hasn’t gone down well with the Muslim faithful.

Arewa triplets criticized as the two boys kiss their sister on the chick. Image (c) Twitter.
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The picture has now gone viral and attracted mixed reactions from several persons.

Reacting to the picture, @Mfaarees took to her Twitter handle to write saying, “This is the highest level of stupidity I’ve ever seen on my TL. Who cares if you’re triplets? Every time posting your pictures like this. This is not our culture, and this is unislamic.

“Wai siblings, Islam teaches Modesty and shyness. You need to know the meaning of ‘Dayyuth’.”

Below are several other reactions:

Some people, however, including Muslims, didn’t see anything wrong with what the siblings did. Instead, they saw it wrong that she came out to criticize them openly.

Muslims, please educate us more. Is it really wrong to kiss your own family members on the cheek?

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  1. This is hypocrisy in its highest form. You who criticize means you are judging them with a carnal mind and you do this with others who are not even your siblings in hidden, away from the public and you think you are wise, deceiving yourself only. Any evil is thought and nurtured from the mind before it becomes physical, before the body will act in response to those thoughts – good or evil. God did not give us the ability to read minds for a good reason – so that true good and true evil can be distinguished by him alone. When you base you thoughts on the physical, by what your eye sees only, then you are missing the whole thing. A lady wears hijab in the public and then do all sorts of shameful things in the hidden and you the judge now praise her for being upright simply because you on are able to see her in public always on her hijab.

    These are siblings, triplets for that matter, they came out from the same womb – meaning they have been mingling together since their creation in that womb. So who are you to separate them now with your criticism now? You who criticise them on this act is more carnal.

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