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How to Boost Your Productivity As A Freelancer (6 Must-Have Qualities)

Freelancing has gained a lot of popularity, and is becoming more and more competitive every day. As a result of this, there are some good qualities a freelancer must possess in order to beat of their competitors. The number of freelance companies have increased greatly, and a lot of people have started realizing that there is so much money to be made online. hence, the need for you to continually improve your skills.

A lot of freelancers are making so much sales online, while some are finding it difficult to place a foothold in the industry. There are some basic qualities you must possess as a freelancer so you can improve your productivity and ultimately improve your sales. If you are found wanting in any of those qualities, you may find it very difficult to cope with the marketplace.

It doesn’t matter the services you render, even if you are the most technically gifted freelancer in the market, missing out on some simple steps may affect your sales negatively.

As a freelancer with a lot of experience in the marketplace, I made so many trials and errors before I was able to come up with a formula that works. It’ll work for everyone with no exception.

6 Qualities every freelancer must possess

1. Good Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in today’s world. If you want to succeed as a freelancer, the ability to communicate effectively is a must for you. How you communicate can positively or negatively affect the
relationships you have with buyers of your services.

Here are some steps you can follow to improve your communication ability.

  • Be a good Listener: The first step to having a good communication ability is becoming a good listener. If you are not able to listen carefully, how will you be able to decode an information, how do you process a response then?
  •  Only give premeditated responses: Another step to becoming a good communicator is your ability to give premeditated response. You shouldn’t give response with just your lips. While communicating with clients, you must think through what to say.
  • Go easy on buyers There’s no point trying to complicate a discussion or use unfamiliar vocabularies while discussing with buyers or bidding for jobs on freelance sites. Though there is a need for formality sometimes, but the sole aim of communication is to be able to pass a message across to your buyer.

2. Be Confident

There’s a huge need for confidence as a freelancer. You must always show confidence whenever you approach buyers or have a discussion with them. Buyers are able to spot lack of confidence even in your write-ups.

 Old customers come back to patronize your services because they have seen your abilities and are assured of your quality, you get new customers because you are able to convince them of your abilities. And in order to convince a buyer of your abilities, you must show every glimpse of confidence while bidding for jobs.

3. Never devaluate your services

We have seen a huge growth in the number of freelance companies, majorly because very cheap services are rendered there, so buyers now prefer patronizing them instead of buying offline where the prize will be more than double the offers on freelance companies.

Some freelancers take the step of devaluating their services to the extreme, by offering their services at ridiculously cheap rates, probably because they are desperate to make their first sales.
As a freelancer, the hardest part of your journey into freelancing is the startup.
Trust me, once you are able to break through that barrier, it only gets better.
In the process of waiting for your opportunities, don’t undersell your services out of desperation to make your first sales. The right opportunities will definitely come your way, it will be left for you to use those opportunities very well.

4. Develop your customer service ability

Developing your customer service quality is very important. Every freelancer must possess this quality. At some point, you will encounter challenges that may threaten to ruin your good standing and earn you a few bad ratings from buyers. If you are able to handle such situations wisely, then nothing is ever going to spoil your vibe.

You may be faced with a situation like getting a job done wrongly, maybe as a result of personal issues or poor communication between you and the buyer. You must handle such situations with care. If the fault is yours, offer your apologies to the client and offer to redo the job correctly. If the fault is not yours, then you must find a way to relate it with the client without causing a bad blood between you both.

If a customer becomes a thorn in the flesh, maybe threatens you with bad ratings in a bid to get you to work more than bargained, you must never consent to the cheap threats. Customer service is always there, you can always relate such complaints through the appropriate channels.

5. Behave like a professional

For you to succeed as a freelancer, then you need to handle the jobs you get like a professional. Even if you are working from the comfort of your home, probably with your pajamas on, the quality of your deliveries should be nothing less than what you would deliver to your offline clients. That is what earns you
respect from your clients.

Let the quality of your jobs speak for you. A good portfolio will help in boosting your overall ratings as a freelancer, lead more buyers to find you and ultimately, help you make more money.

6. Have a desire to learn and improve

As a freelancer, you must always have a desire to learn, a desire to keep yourself up to date with the latest tools that will help in improving your overall
productivity. Every day, new discoveries are made. Technology gets better and
better by the day, you must keep yourself informed.

How do you show you have a desire to learn?

  • Constantly making researches.
  • Making friends with other freelancers that offer the same services as you.
There are a lot of freelance companies to make money from online. See the different categories of freelance companies. Make sure you sign up with the one that most accommodates the services you render.
I’d love to hear what amazing comments you have. Do you think there are more qualities a freelancer must possess? Let me hear them…

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