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NGOs in Nigeria: Meaning, Functions, Purpose, & over 200 Examples

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NGOs are becoming popular by the day, and their numbers keep increasing. Due to that we have decided to write an article that will help you understand the meaning, functions and the purpose of the various NGOs in Nigeria.

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Without doubt, NGOs have been around for a long time. Arguably, they can be traced as far back as to when men began to reason and embrace civilization.

But before we delve into the complex matters, we’ll be going basic.

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The Word NGO simply stands for Non-Governmental Organization. In essence, any so called NGO will not be owned and influenced either directly or indirectly by the Federal, State, or Local Government.

Most of such organizations are usually non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which may be organized and operated on a local, national or international level.


Generally, the function of an NGO depends mainly on the reason behind its creation. However, we can draw out a few functions we believe are common to most NGOs.

Some of them include:

  • Helping of the less privileged in the society
  • Alleviating poverty
  • Micro finance (Provision of grants to business-minded individuals)
  • Fighting for human rights
  • Addressing environment or health related issues
  • Providing help or basic amenities for underdeveloped communities

Moreover, all NGOs might not really meet up with all the functions stated above, since most of them are usually highly targeted at achieving particular goals.

Purpose and How it works

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Most NGOs depend on the funds of generous people and philanthropists from around the world. Reason is, since they are not attached to any government, they are not entitled to any government allocations.

Nevertheless, many of them still get funds from the Government in the form of donations — which is not necessarily an entitlement.

NGOs in Nigeria

Currently, the list of NGOs in Nigeria is unbelievably long. There are practically hundreds of them in existence — operating either locally or internationally. And the number keeps increasing.

As a result, compiling a list consisting all the NGOs in Nigeria will be so long.

Notwithstanding, we will go ahead and list some of them.

One thing you must take note of, however, is that there may be scammers and imposters out there. Therefore before working, donating, or partnering with any NGO, you must first of all make sure it is listed on the official directory of the NGOs in Nigeria (www.nngo.org).

Here are a few examples of NGOs in Nigeria:

  • Angels Discovery Circles Initiative
  • AIDS African
  • AIDS Alliance in Nigeria
  • AIDS and Pregnancy Prevention for Adolescents (APPA-IAM Pregnant)
  • AIDS Awareness Society (AAS)
  • AIDS Care Managers
  • AIDS Must Go Group
  • AIDSLLINE International
  • AIESEC Nigeria
  • Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association
  • Ajegunle Community Partners for Health (AJCPH)
  • Ajegunle Community Project
  • AJ’s Playgroup Foundation
  • Ajoke Ayisat Afolabi Foundation
  • Akadis Medicare
  • Akassa Community Development Programme
  • Akpabuyo Bakassi Green Movement (ABGREMO)
  • Akwaalink Foundry Development, Research and Training Centre
  • Akwamfon Sustainable Community Association
  • Alcohol Prevention Youth Initiative
  • Alheri Women Multi-Purpose Development Association (ALCO)
  • Alliance for Community Health and Environment (ACHE)
  • Alliance for Rural Development of Nigeria (ARDN)
  • All-Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association(ANUNSA)
  • Ama Dialog Foundation (ADF)
  • Ameen Literacy Foundation (ALIF)
  • America Speaks
  • Amnesty International Nigeria
  • Amputee Association of Nigeria
  • Amsha Africa Foundation
  • Amukoko Community Partners for Health (AMCPH)
  • Arms of Comfort
  • Anambra State Women’s Association
  • Badawa Community Partners for Health
  • Balga United Women Association (BUWA)
  • Banaa (Mothers) Development Association
  • Bank to School Foundation (BSF)
  • Baobab for Women’s Human Rights (BWHR)
  • Beachland Feminine Club
  • Beacon of Hope Outreach Ministry
  • Bengore Association Ltd
  • Berahah Foundation
  • Best Foundation Community Child Education
  • Best Konsult (Operation Drug Alert)
  • Bethesda Home for the Blind (BHB)
  • Better Life Foundation
  • Better Life World Foundation
  • Better Living Foundation
  • Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu Foundation
  • Biakwan Light
  • Biographies Development Organization
  • Biire Child and Maternal Health Foundation
  • Boabab for Women’s Human Rights (BOABAB)
  • Body Positive foundation
  • Books-No-Wheel
  • Bomarah Foundation
  • Borno Coalition for Democracy and Progress (BOCODEP)
  • Boy Scouts of Nigeria, Borno State Branch
  • Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN)
  • Breastfeeding Promotion and Counselling Group (BPCG)
  • Business and Professional Women Nigeria
  • Business Improvement Group Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Owerri
  • Calabar Doyen Lioness Club
  • Calvary Foundation International Inc. (CFI)
  • Campaign Against Polygamy & Women Oppression in Nigeria
  • Campaign Against Spread of AIDS (CASA 2000)
  • Campaign for Child Right (CFCR)
  • Campaign for Democracy (CD)
  • Cantoment Youth Development Association (CYDA)
  • Care and Action Research NGO(CARE NGO)
  • Care Call Foundation
  • Care Foundation for the Reforestation of Katsina State (CAREFOR)
  • Care for Life (CFL)
  • Care for Youth Future Initiative
  • Care Organization Public Enlightenment (COPE)
  • Carers
  • Cares International
  • Caring Hand Programme (CAHAP)
  • Catalyst for Global Peace and Justice Initiative (CPJ)
  • Catholic Development Services Diocese of Jalingo
  • Catholic Diocese of Lafia- Community Based Care and Support Project
  • Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP)
  • Catholic Provincial Health Department, Jos
  • Catholic Women Organisation CWO
  • CBD Forum
  • Charity Aid and Development Foundation for Africa (CADFA)
  • Chike International Foundation
  • Center for Advancement of Democracy and the rule of Law (CADRL)
  • Center for Citizens’ Emancipation and Empowerment (CCEE)
  • Center for Community Development (CENCOMDEV)
  • Center for Education on Population, AIDS and Drug Abuse
  • Destitute Careers and Rehabilitation Center of Nigeria
  • Dewdrops Care Development Foundation
  • Development Alternatives and Resource Center (DARC)
  • Development Concerns (DC)
  • Development Education and Leadership Services Programme (DELES)
  • Development Education Center
  • Development Exchange Centre
  • Development Forum and Skills Acquisition Center
  • Development Information Network (DEVNET)
  • Development Initiative Network (DIN)
  • Development Initiatives (DEVIN)
  • Development Options for Humanity (DOH)
  • Development Policy Centre (DPC)
  • Development Report Magazine
  • Development Research Bureau (DRB)
  • Development Support Agencey
  • Diamond Lights Women Empowerment
  • Diaspora Africa Association & Services
  • Diocesan Development Services (DDS)
  • Disabilities Overcomers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (Disabilities Overcomers)
  • Disabled Women Empowerment Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (DWEMPCOOPS)
  • Distress Care (Orphanage) Mission (DCM)
  • Divine Ambassadors’ Foundation (DIVA Foundation)
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Doctors for All Nations (DOFAN)
  • Dolly Children Foundation
  • Doma Education Development Foundation (DEDF)
  • Dove Generation International Youths Organisation
  • Dr Ona Ekhomu Educational foundation
  • Dreamboat Development Theatre Foundation (DREAMBOAT)
  • Dubass-Duke Foundation
  • Dugwaba Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Ltd
  • EarthRights Environmental Network Initiative
  • Ebifuro Organisation (EBORGAN)
  • EB-International Environment, Biodiversity and Tourism (EB-International)
  • Ebun Oluwa Foundation
  • Echekwu Damian Foundation
  • Economic and Social Empowerment of Rural Communities (ESERC)
  • Economic Empowerment and Development Initiative (EEDI)
  • Edda Women’s League Aikpo South LGA
  • Edo Sate NGOs Action Committee
  • Edo/Delta Nigeria AIDS Concern Network (ENACON)
  • Educare Trust
  • Educate Nigeria Initiative
  • Education As a Vaccine Against AIDS Inc. (EVAA)
  • Education For All by 2000 Plus (EFA)
  • Education For All Initiative
  • Educational Cooperation Society
  • Educational Empowerment Initiatives (EEI)
  • Educational promotions & Enlightenment Body
  • EFFEMAB Women
  • Ekine Socio – Economic Organisation (ESEO)
  • Ekuri Community Forestry Initiative
  • Elshaddai Life Support Initiative (ELSI)
  • El-Shaddai Widows’ Outreach (EL-WO)
  • Emerge Foundation Inc.
  • Emerging World Organisation
  • Emeron Foundation
  • Emmanuel World Children Foundation (EWCF)
  • Empowering Women for Excellence Initiative
  • Empowerment & Action Research Centre (EMPARC)
  • Emwai Centre for Political and Economic Research
  • Faith Alive Foundation (FAITH ALIVE)
  • Fair Life Africa Foundation
  • Family Alive Network
  • Family Craft Centre (FCC)
  • Family Health and Population Action Committee (FAHPAC)
  • Family Health Organisation
  • Family Heritage Initiative
  • Family Unity for Sustainable Development Foundation (FUSDF)
  • Fantsuam Foundation
  • Farmers Development Union
  • FATE Foundation
  • Fate Foundation USA
  • FEAT Consultancy Ltd
  • Feed The Flock Of God Foundation
  • Federation International de Abogadas (FIDA)
  • Federation of Akwa Ibom Women Associations (FAIWA)
  • Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Club
  • Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria
  • Federation of Muslim Women Association in Nigeria (FOMWAN)
  • Federation of Ogoni women Association
  • Fellowship of Christian Students/Aids for AIDS and Design for the Family Project (FCS/AFADFP)
  • Gender and Child Care Advancement Initiative (G-CCAI)
  • Gender and Development Action (GADA)
  • Gender Development in Nigeria
  • Gender Development Initiative
  • Gender Development Network
  • Gender Empowerment Network Through Literacy Exercises (GENTLE)
  • Gender Rights Project (GRP)
  • General Action Against the Violation of Human and Children Rights (GAAVOHCR)
  • Generation 2 Educational and Childcare support Programme
  • Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN)
  • Genotype Foundation (GF)
  • Geriatric Health Foundation (GHF)
  • Girl Watch
  • Girls Education Mission International
  • Girls’ Initiative, Rights and Legal Society of Africa (GIRLS OF AFRICA)
  • Girls Power Initiative (GP)
  • Gisters
  • Given Life Organisation
  • Gladstar Gifted and Talented Educational Centre
  • Glamour Ladies Club
  • Global African Congress
  • Global Alert for Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged (GADYLP)
  • Global Association for War Against AIDS (gawaa)
  • Global Centre for Peace and Justice
  • Global Community Health Foundation
  • Global Health and Awareness Research Foundation (GHARF)
  • Global Health Foundation (GHF)
  • Global Health Network
  • Global Help Trust Foundation
  • Global Helping Hands Initiation
  • Global Programme on AIDS
  • Global Rights
  • Global Youth Initiative
  • Healthcare Essentials for the Disadvantaged Foundation (HCEDF)
  • Health Communication Network
  • Health Education and Environment Crusaders Incorporated (HEEC)
  • Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa
  • Health Matters Inc
  • Health Research and Adolescents Welfare Center (HRAWC)
  • Health Sustenance Action (ASH)
  • Health Watch Africa
  • Hearing Disabled Foundation
  • Heart spring Foundation
  • Heavens gate international Media Outreach
  • Helen Keller International
  • Help Abandoned Patients in Hospital Foundation (HAPHF)
  • Help Eliminate Loneliness and Poverty (HELP)
  • Helping Hands African Children Foundation (HHACF)
  • Initiative for Anti Vices and Crime Campaign (INAVICC)
  • Initiative for Development, Education and Learning (IDEAL)
  • Initiative For Rural Areas Transformation
  • Initiative For Sound Education, Relationship & Health
  • Initiative for Sustaining Gender Empowerment (ISGEM)
  • Innovative Strategy for Human Development
  • Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution
  • Institute for Poverty Eradication
  • Institute of Governance & Social Research
  • Integrated Strategies for Development
  • Integrity
  • Integrity International
  • Inter Africa Committee
  • Inter-Faith Mediation Center
  • International Association for Volunteer Efforts
  • International Association of Criminal Justice Practitioners (IACJP)
  • International Association of Nigerian Studies & Development (IANSD)
  • International Centre for Arts
  • International Centre for Gender & Social Research (INTER-GENDER)
  • International Federation of Lawyers
  • International Federation of Women Lawyers
  • International Foundation for African Children
  • International Human Rights Law Group
  • International Inner Wheel
  • International Organization on World Affairs & Development
  • International Press Center (IPC) Media for Democracy (MFD)
  • International Press Centre
  • International Youth Reformation Organisation
  • Niger Delta Peace Network Intitative
  • Niger Delta Women’s Forum
  • Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace and Development
  • Nigeria AIDS Action group
  • Nigeria Army Officers Wives Association
  • Nigeria Association for the Promotion of Adolescent Health & Development
  • Nigeria Association in Agriculture & Development
  • Nigeria Association of College of Medicine
  • Nigeria Association of Social Workers (NASOW)
  • Nigeria Association of University Women
  • Nigeria Association of Women Journalist (NAWOJ)
  • Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, Gombe
  • Nigeria Autistic Societies
  • Nigeria Biographical Foundation
  • Nigeria Book Foundation
  • Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF)
  • Nigeria Council for the Child
  • Nigeria Dream Organization
  • Nigeria Environment Network
  • Nigeria Environmental Study Action Team (NEST)
  • Nigeria HABITAT Coalition
  • Nigeria Institute of Advanced legal Studies
  • Nigeria Institute of Human Rights
  • Nigeria Junior Chamber
  • Nigeria Media Women Association
  • Nigeria NGO Consultative Forum
  • Nigeria Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC)
  • Nigeria Organization for Solidarity &Development
  • Nigeria Society for Environmental Management & Planning
  • Nigeria Society for the Improvement of Rural people
  • Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ)
  • Nigeria Women Empowerment Network

As noted earlier, the list is excessively long. But we believe with the information you have now you should be able to tell what NGOs in Nigeria are all about and the names of some of the NGOs.

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Our Health, Educational, Career journals, and the likes are not intended to serve as substitutes for professional advice. Therefore, we urge you to consult an appropriate professional before making any decision.

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