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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Home News Niger state has spent ₦1.2b on coronavirus activities with just 66 cases

Niger state has spent ₦1.2b on coronavirus activities with just 66 cases

Niger state has revealed that so far, it has spent roughly ₦1.2 billion for coronavirus activities in the state.

Niger state spends N1.2b on coronavirus activities with just 56 cases
Niger state spends ₦1.2b on coronavirus activities with just 56 cases
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According to the report, ₦410 million was spent on medicals; ₦795 million was allocated for other expenses, including palliatives.

Alhaji Ahmed Matane, Secretary to the Niger State Government and chairman of the state COVID-19 Task Force said these things.

Alhaji made these revelations while answering questions from members of the state House of Assembly.

He, however, noted that all the monies that have been used have been from the state government as the state has not received anything from the FG for COVID-19 funding.

Speaking further on the expenses the state has made with the ₦1.2b, Matane said that ₦410 million was expended on palliatives.

Also, ₦85 million for electricity subsidy and the remaining amount was disbursed for transportation of task force members; the movement of patients from the local government centres to the isolation centres.

In addition to all that, provision of water, allowances for volunteers, security operatives, frontline workers and some members of the task force.

The committee chairman explained that another amount of ₦290 million was spent for medicals to buy Protective Personal Equipment (PPEs), drugs, capacity-building for health workers, risk communication and travelling of health workers.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Niger state is just

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The table below shows the recent discovery of the NCDC as regards the number of new cases confirmed by the health agency.

As of today, 16th of June, the number of confirmed cases in Niger state is 66.

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