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Friday, July 3, 2020
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How I Got My Nigerian AdSense Account Approved in 1 Month (Free Guide)

Applying for a Google AdSense account with a new blog can be a little daunting sometimes.

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Especially if you’ve heard people say “getting an AdSense approval is hard” or “AdSense has strict policies”.

It is also widely claimed that blogs have to be up to 6 months old in Nigeria to get approved by AdSense.

That didn’t apply to me at all.

I got my Nigerian AdSense account approved in less than a month of full-time blogging.

Frankly speaking, it’s a joy to see AdSense approve your application.

Everyone who applies for an account wants to get a congratulatory message like I got.

Congratulations! Your account is now fully approved. Welcome to AdSense! We look forward to a long and successful partnership together.

Personally, I hate experiencing rejections. Maybe you can relate with that.

But such is the experience of people who apply to AdSense with a site not up to the required standard.

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It’s better not to get rejected in the first place; first time approval is always a good experience.

Reason is that, you may find it difficult to correct the issues with your website.

The first step to problem solving is the realization of the existence of that problem and its cause.

If you have several pages on your website, you may find it extremely difficult tracking and discovering exactly where the reasons for your rejection emanates.

That’s why correcting rejection messages can be very difficult at times.

Get approved in less than a month with my AdSense FAQ and Answers

I got first time approval by simply following the instructions in my guide on how to quickly get Google AdSense approval for a new blog.

Following that guide will also help you get fast AdSense approval.

Meanwhile, I have noticed an out-pour of several important questions on Quora and the AdSense help Forum.

I have decided to take it upon myself and provide answers to all of your most important questions. And anyone left untouched, will be discussed at the comment section of this post.

After my experience with Google AdSense, I find it extremely paramount to share with you all the tricks I used.

Applying those same tricks will help you get your Nigerian AdSense account approved with one try too.

Can I get AdSense approval without a website?

The first thing required of you for AdSense approval is to own a website or a YouTube channel.

If you don’t have a website yet, then you have to create one, add relevant pages and publish quality contents before applying.

Follow this guide ⇒ create a WordPress Website within minutes.

How many posts are required to get approved by AdSense?

There’s no exact number of blog post required to get AdSense approval.

Some people will tell you they got approved with less than 10 blog posts another will say 20 blog posts.

Although there’s no exact number of posts required, I advise you to aim north of 20 posts.

However, it’s not quantity that’s most important—it’s quality and originality.

Avoid spelling errors, avoid copy and paste or scraping other people’s work.

Even if you link back to the original author, it doesn’t make up for it. Your blog will still test positive to copyscape and prevent you from getting AdSense approval.

How do you verify if your blog does or doesn’t test positive to copy scrape?

Try copyscape plagiarism checker for free.

However, the free version only limits you to a few number of queries.

If you are interested in making more queries you may be required to purchase a premium plan.

For a new blog, though, you shouldn’t be needing to make that much queries.

What length of blog post is considered ideal by AdSense?

AdSense has not stated categorically the length of blog post required. However, from research by SEO experts, the ideal length of blog posts should not be less than 300 words.

This length is also considered ideal for AdSense.

Reason is, It will be easier for relevant ads to be placed within your blog post if it has a good length.

In my own case, my blog posts were averagely 1500 words. Not that it is required by AdSense that your post be that long. The length of your blog post depends on your blog topic.

If you write sports or entertainment reports, very lengthy posts may not be required.

Recommended read: ideal length of blog posts.

What pages must my blog have before applying to AdSense?

Your blog needs to have an about page, privacy policy page, and contact page.

Those are the three most important pages.

In my own case, I had a disclosure page before I applied to AdSense – because of the affiliate links on my website.

How many daily page visits do I need for AdSense approval?

Just like the number of blog posts, there’s no exact number of daily page views required.

Some people tell you 100 to 500 daily page views is required. It is a complete misconception. No exact number of daily or monthly page views is needed.

In my own case, my AdSense application coincided with a massive decline in my daily page views.

Back then, I had recently moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. So, I experienced a temporary loss in traffic.

Funny enough, I chose to apply to AdSense at that point.

I was having daily visitors of around 40-50 as at that time. Not even anywhere near hundred. So it’s not a question of how many page views I was getting, but the quality of the page views.

95% of my page views comes from Google. And this is what AdSense requires – Organic Traffic. It’s an indication that your website is not blacklisted by Google and that keywords actually bring traffic to your website, not traffic exchange or low quality traffic sources.

So, make sure before you apply to AdSense, your blog is indexed, you have submitted your XML sitemap and you are getting visitors from Google. Even if it’s an insignificant number of visitors like mine.

Submission of sitemap is the first step to getting indexed and receiving organic traffic from Google. If you are yet to do that, you must see to that as soon as possible.

Follow this guide: How to generate and submit XML sitemap to Google

How old must my blog be to get approved by AdSense?

How old your blog is doesn’t apply to every case. According to Google AdSense, some country-based AdSense applications require a blog up to 6 months old.

Those countries are mostly Asian and African countries—which Nigeria happens to be among.

I got a Nigrian AdSense account within just one month of fully launching my blog.

And people say that Google AdSense Nigeria requires a 6 months old website.

My answer is, it is not the age of the blog that matters; It’s the quality of your blog.

You can start a blog and in one month, achieve what a person who started a blog up to 6 months old has yet to achieve.

How old must I be to be eligible for an AdSense account?

This question has a straight forward answer. You must be up to 18 and above to be eligible for an AdSense account.

If you are not up to 18, get your parent, guardian or any other person you can trust to open an account on your behalf. See the exact answers AdSense provided to this question.

Will AdSense reject my application because my blog has no backlinks?

I have seen publications that stated that if your blog doesn’t have backlinks, AdSense would reject your application.

It’s a blatant bluff, I must confess.

If this were true, then my application would have been rejected in full force—as I had only one backlink to my blog back then.

Backlinks are good for SEO and authority building. However, it’s not a criteria for getting AdSense approval.

It’s not always easy to build backlinks to a new blog.

If you are able to do so, then fine. But if you can’t, it doesn’t matter. Your application won’t get rejected for that reason.

Can I get AdSense approval with my Gmail account?

Yes, you can get AdSense approval with your Gmail account. That was exactly what I used in applying for my AdSense account.

I have a domain based email, but decided to apply with Gmail, in order to prove a point.

Some people have said that custom email addresses get AdSense approval faster.

They say it’s very difficult to get AdSense Approval with a Gmail.

Harsh of ShoutMeLoud said he applied 4 times with Gmail and got rejected, but got accepted once he applied with his domain based email address.

People offering such opinions do that from their own experience.

If you have a domain based email address, you can apply using it. If you don’t, feel free to apply using Gmail.

Can I get AdSense approval on a free BlogSpot blog?

AdSense approves accounts of free BlogSpot blog owners, provided they satisfy the necessary requirements.

Now, this is me being sincere here. If I was actually interested in selling my affiliate product, I would have told you… no, you need to set up a custom domain on your blogger blog.

However, I want to make one thing clear.

Although AdSense approve accounts of Blogger blogs, you are not considered a publisher of AdSense for contents.

Fine, you will get AdSense approved on a BlogSpot address. But if, peradventure, you decide to  setup a custom domain on your blog, then it will have to undergo another review.

And don’t expect to get automatic approval. You will be considered and treated like a new applicant.

So, if you have a BlogSpot blog, I advise you setup a custom domain first. Follow this guide: How to set up a custom domain on a Blogger.

Can I get AdSense approval on a free WordPress blog?

I have a couple of wordpress.com blogs, but never tried to apply to Google AdSense with it. What’s the point of doing that when you can’t add AdSense to wordpress.com sites unless you upgrade to a business plan? I made this point clear in my WordPress vs Blogger free platform review.

So my answer is, I doubt you will get AdSense approval applying with a wordpress.com blog and even if you do, you can’t add the code to your site. Your safest bet will be to apply with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Follow this easy guide: How to start a blog on WordPress (dot org)

Will AdSense approve a multi-niche blog?

Niche blogs get quick AdSense approval, so does multi-niche blogs. A perfect example of a multi-niche blog is NaijaHomeBased.

Here, I publish practically everything I’m knowledgeable about.

I talk about AdSense, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing and even SEO.

When I got approved by AdSense, I had so many random posts. So, it’s hard to tell my exact niche.

Do I need to take down my affiliate products before applying to AdSense?

You don’t need to do that. I had affiliate products, deals and offers on my homepage when I applied to AdSense.

At first, I thought of taking them down. But then again, I thought since I had not negatively affected my user experience, it shouldn’t be an issue.

And guess what, I was proven right. AdSense accepted my application even with affiliate products hanging on my homepage and blog sidebars.

However, I always make sure to follow Google Webmaster quality guidelines in my promotion of affiliate products.

Can I use other ad networks together with AdSense?

Even if you have registered with other ad networks, you can still go on and apply to AdSense.

But make sure the ads you place do not negatively affect your user experience. According to AdSense, the ads in your page must not be more than the content of your page.

How long does it take for an AdSense account to be approved?

AdSense approves accounts within 48 hours. In my own case, it was even less than 24 hours. I applied around 9pm and got approval message around 6pm the following day.

So, right now, the review and feedback process has been hastened.

The only thing needed from you is to make sure the verification code is added to your website immediately it’s generated.

Can I own more than one AdSense accounts?

According to AdSense, publishers are allowed to own and maintain only one AdSense account under the same payee name.

However, in a case where you have a personal account and you are interested in opening another for your company, you are free to apply.

The application will be reviewed and if you are qualified, you will get a second account.

Do I need a new AdSense account for my new website?

The mistake some people make at times is to think once you create a new website, you have to apply to AdSense afresh with that website.

This is, however, not the case.

It’s one AdSense account for all. If you have a new site, you can just go ahead and add your code to your new website. AdSense will automatically link the new site to your account.

Should I apply to AdSense or stick to Affiliate Marketing?

Even with proper guidance, promotion of affiliate products is not easy – you need to have good marketing skills. If you’re new to blogging, the best place to always start from is AdSense.

Provided you have a steady flow of passive income, building another website  becomes a lot easier. You can even hire the help of freelancers to perform some of the tasks required.

Your blog may generate tons of visits but still end up making zero sales. But with AdSense banners added, you will get paid for ads impressions and click through rates (CTR).

Is it safe to purchase an approved AdSense account?

Buying and selling of Google AdSense has almost become a norm in Nigeria. I see a lot of posts that offer to sell Fully approved American or Nigerian Google AdSense approval.

Some people create AdSense accounts for the purpose of selling them, and they urge people finding it difficult to get AdSense approval to buy from them.

This is not safe. It can get you into trouble.

Your account may get deactivated and banned after a manual review, and you may end up loosing all your accumulated income.

Also, it may stand in your way if somehow along the line you get faced with legal issues.

So, think very well before buying an AdSense account. My advise is, correct any issue wrong with website and reapply. Instead of hoping to buy approved accounts.

Can I apply for an American AdSense even if I don’t live in America?

Apply for a Nigerian AdSense account if actually you live in Nigeria.

You may face verification issues and mailing address issues applying to AdSense using a country you don’t live in.

If you try to apply for an AdSense account using a country you don’t live in, you may get an error message saying, “this details appears to be linked with an approved AdSense account, kindly close the other account before proceeding.

The reason you may get that message is that, two people can’t apply for an AdSense account using the same location.

You don’t need to fake being in America, maybe because your country has a strict AdSense application policy.

There’s no noticeable difference between a Nigerian AdSense account and an American one.

How do I get paid on AdSense?

Once you’ve reached the payment threshold of $100, you will be able to withdraw your money using your desired payment method – under the “payments” area of your AdSense dashboard.

Western Union Quick Cash is supported by AdSense in some countries.

You can also receive your earnings through Direct bank wire and checks issued in your name.

How do I maintain a good stand with AdSense and not get banned?

The same terms and conditions required for an approval is also required to maintain an account. If you violate any of the terms, your account may get banned.

A few of the things required are:

    • Do not click on your own ads or ask others to do the same.


    • Avoid copyrighted materials – Google hates facing copyright related lawsuits.


  • Do not try to outsmart AdSense by generating robot views and clicks.

Read the full guide ⇒ How to avoid an AdSense ban.

I hope you were able to find answers to whatever questions you had in mind before visiting this blog post.

If you still have any questions in mind, feel free to ask using the comment section below.

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Matt Stephens
Hello guys, I'm Matt Stephens, the founder and Editor in Chief of NaijaHomeBased. For business and editorial enquiries, please get in touch with me using any of my social handles below.


  1. Hello Matt, what a great content you are sharing out there.
    Please I want to ask a question, is it true that as a new blogger, when you are starting up a new blog and you are blogging on top paying niches that pays for example $10 for CPC …. is it true that Google Adsense will pay you only $0.30-0.50 for each click you get on your website because you are just starting new , then when your website stays bit longer and start getting a lot of traffics, then google will start paying you the actual $10 you should be making for each click?

    • Hi Kevin, I have never heard of that before. What I do know is that AdSense has some premium publishers who get to use sticky ads and receive expert reviews. This will end up increasing their income. As for ads rate increasing as a result of popularity, I would rather put it this way: if your site starts growing, then, more advertisers will bid for your ad slots, thereby increasing your income.

  2. Adsense now requires direct id verification with their new policy. I thing you can help shed more light on that to stay safer during verification.
    Thanks for the detailed post

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