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The Nigerian Coat of Arms: Meaning of Everything it’s made up of

The Nigerian Coat of Arms is one of the national symbols, along with the national flag, currency, etc. It is made up of several components that each bear unique meanings.

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The Nigerian coat of arm was designed by an undocumented individual and officially adopted by law in 1975. But prior to that time, each geopolitical constituents had its own unique coat of arm.

The Nigerian coat of Arm

Below is the image of the present Nigerian coat of arm:

The Nigerian coat of arms

As visible in the image above, the Nigerian coat of arm is made up of a black shield which has a curly ‘Y’ symbol crested in its middle and a green and white band atop.

Two off-white coloured horses stand facing each other at both sides of the shield, and a giant red eagle rests on the crest of the shield. Other notable features are the green grass on which the shield rests and the 6 red Costus spectabilis flowers scattered within the grass. Also found in its base is an inscription which reads “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”.

Meaning of everything contained in the Nigerian coat of arms

  • Red eagle: The red giant eagle standing on the shield indicates the strength and pride of Nigeria
  • Black Shield: The black shield represents the fertile loamy soil found in all parts of the country.
  • Two Horses: The two horses standing on both side of the shield represent the dignity of Nigeria.
  • Curvy Y symbol: The curvy Y symbol located in the middle of the shield represent the confluence of the two largest Rivers in Nigeria, River Niger and River Benue, at Lokoja, Kogi State.
  • Green and white band: The green and white band atop the black shield represent the rich agricultural potential of Nigeria.
  • Red Costus Spectabilis flowers: The red Costus Spectabilis flowers dissipated at the bottom of the flag represent the beauty of Nigeria. Another reason for the inclusion of this beautiful flower is due to the fact that it is found in almost all towns and villages in the country.
  • Golden band: The golden band beneath the whole shape contains an inscription which is the Nigerian Motto or slogan. This slogan can be noticed in lines of the National anthem.

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