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Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Form & Portal (2020)

The official Nigerian Navy Short Service application portal opens virtually every year to recruit thousands of Nigerians. In this guide, I will show you how to apply for the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Commissions (DSSC) via the official application portal.

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The Nigerian Navy is part of the largest Armed Forces in Africa, the Nigerian Armed Forces. Apart from being part of the largest armed force, the Nigerian Navy is among the largest navies in the African continent.

Every year the portal opened for qualified civilians or military personnel willing to participate in the annual Direct Short Service Commissions (DSSC) training.

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However, not all applicants get selected. You must play your own part by completing your registration with the right information and knowing all the requirements for registering with the Nigerian Navy so that you won’t make any mistakes along the line.

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated to the Nigerian Navy, all information you find on this site is FREE of charge. We do not offer admission into the Direct Short Service Program of the Nigerian Navy, our information is only aimed at guiding you through the application processes. So, if you receive any call or Email claiming to be from NaijaHomeBased, know that it is false. We don’t and will never ask for money in return for information or for providing admission into any military school. And please, do not leave your phone numbers in the comment section; doing that will provide an avenue for scammers to get in touch with you.

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Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service (DSSC) application requirements

To successfully complete your online application into the Nigerian Navy, you must meet up with the following general requirements:

  • Applicants must never provide false information or tender fake certificates. Falsification of any information or certificates will lead to disqualification and subsequent prosecution of guilty applicants.
  • You need to have graduated with a minimum of Second Class Upper Division if you’re a degree holder or Upper Credit if you are an HND (Higher National Diploma) holder.
  • Having good knowledge of computer operations (computer literacy) is not a requirement; however, it will be an added advantage.
  • Applicants must possess certificates of full registration with professional bodies as relevant their professions or field of study.
  • If you studied abroad, make sure your foreign certificate is authenticated by the Federal ministry of education.
  • Married men or women are not permitted to apply for the Direct Short Service Commissions program of the Nigerian Navy.
  • Applicants must be able to present O’level West African Examination Certificate (WAEC) compulsorily, including any other results such as NECO, NABTEB, or GCE. Furthermore, credit in Mathematics and English Language is compulsory.
  • Candidates must be able to present their NYSC discharge certificate or letter of exemption as applicable to them.
  • Applicants must not be less than 1.68 meters tall (males) or 1.65 meters tall (female.
  • To successfully complete your application into the Nigerian navy Direct Short Service, you must not be above the age of 28 and less than the age of 22. However, if you’re applying as an Imam or chaplain you can be older than 28, but not above 30 years. All present ages are valid for February of the following year.

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How to apply for the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Commissions (DSSC)

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If you meet all the above requirements, follow the guide below to complete your application into the Nigerian Navy via Direct Short Service Commissions (DSSC):

Step 1. Visit the official website of the Nigerian Navy using www.joinnigeriannavy.com

Step 2. Click on the “register” link. It is found on the homepage of the portal.

Nigerian navy registration for Direct Short Service Commissions

Step 3. You will be presented with all the requirements, read, scroll down and click on register.

Step 4. Enter your email (a valid one), create your password and click on the register

create login credentials for nigerian navy portal

Step 5. Complete all the forms you’re provided with.

Step 6. Submit your application and print out all the documents you’re provided with.

Other points to note on the Nigerian Navy 2020 DSSC recruitment:

From the list of options you’re provided with, you can select the state you find convenient for you to write your aptitude test, which has locations in the following Nigerian states: Lagos, Abuja, Bauchi, Imo, Rivers (Port Harcourt), and Sokoto. However, how early you complete your registration matters a lot. Some of the options there will begin to vanish as the registration commences and the centres are presumed filled up.

During the course of your online registration, you’ll be asked to provide two referees. In fact, it is a compulsory step and must be completed. Therefore, you must prepare the names of your referees before initiating registration, else you’ll get stuck at that point.

And I’m sure you know the important role referees play in your chances of getting accepted into the Nigerian navy via Direct Short Service Commissions. Furthermore, your referees must be prominent people in your society… like your Local Government Chairman/Secretary or highly placed individuals in the Nigerian Military, Paramilitary or Government.

We earlier mentioned that you must be physically fit to get a nod at being accepted. However, we didn’t really explain what being physically fit means as per military terms.

Here’s what it means:

  • You must not be suffering from any form of visual impairment (Sight problem)
  • All applicants must not have hearing difficulties.
  • You must have never undergone a major orthopaedic operation;
  • Applicants must not be individuals with flat feet.
  • You must not have any form of fractured.
  • Applicants must not suffer from stammering or any other form of natural disability.
  • Pregnant women are not permitted to apply.

An important point to note is, if you’re a serving personnel (Soldier/Rating/Airman, etc.), you must obtain a letter of attestation duly signed by the head of your unit.

In addition, after successfully completing your registration online, make sure to print out fill all the forms you are provided with, which include parent/guardian consent form and acknowledgement form.

Another key point to note is: when visiting the aptitude test centre, you must go with the following forms:

  • Photocopies of Degree and NYSC discharge certificate
  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form
  • Acknowledgement Form

Generally, the enlistment process into the Nigerian Navy via Direct Short Service Commissions (DSSC) is FREE OF CHARGE. In other words, you don’t have to pay any money to any individual to get it done.

Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service 2020 FAQs & answers

How can I apply for the Nigerian Navy DSSC 2020?

You can apply for the Nigerian Navy using the official portal so long as you meet up with all the application requirements. Those requirements are stated above.

Where can I obtain the 2020 Nigerian Navy DSSC form?

Everything is done online. In other words, there are no physical offices, shops or secretariats where the forms are sold. Therefore, if you come across anyone who claims to sell the forms… then the person must be a scammer. RUN AWAY!

Has the Nigerian Navy DSSC registration for 2020 started?

No, the portal is currently not open for registration.

When will registration for the Nigerian Navy 2020 DSSC end?

The last registration ended on the 30th of November, roughly after 30 days it commenced. So, expect to see the same duration in the next registration.

How can I know the latest updates on the Nigerian Navy DSSC?

You can follow the latest updates by visiting NaijaHomeBased regularly. Through that, we will keep you posted once there’s any news. You can also follow us on Facebook, since we always share important updates there.

That is all about applying for the Nigerian navy via Direct Short Service Commissions in 2020. If you have any questions or contributions you can communicate them using the comment section below.

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  1. Hello Captain, last year age you stated was not above 35 years, and why you are so situation-ed to condition changing falling backward. Last year as i applied for Navy recruitment early October 2018, I waited for so long thinking is going to be OK after the aptitude text, you sent no e-mails neither a message to my phone line, and i’m always at that check as prompt on the O-clock and ridiculously, only to check early February, only to discovered aptitude text writhed and result list been released to the general public. What would be my faith: I am Godspower Alex Oluwasegun from Delta State Region Indigine Nigeria, and Kogi State Region Indigine. Presently, I am 34 years old, and I owned a Bachelor Degree in Geography And Planning 2010 (THIRD CLASS HONOR DEGREE), and obtained result 2018. Treated unfairly, and what is happening to age 34 and why no resolution on that to embrace the genesis settling. Genius is dead on your halfway Building Captain.
    LOCATION: DON BOSCO CATHOLIC CHURCH: Maronu Araromi jurisdiction via Saint Anthony Primary School way Akure.

    Thank you.


    • Reply Kogi State University Graduate 2010 obtained 2018 and 34 years old.
      I am a Catholic communicant, and are you for the celestial communicants. (Kings Market).

      What do you think would happen to our food security, when you really depends on the celestial communicants for friendship with babalawo fila woman (witchcraft). fila oruko baba tie ni ofi njeun, esekiakia waju olukayode (pota).

  2. Am a law students but approval of our law school is still on ground do I really need any certificate of a legal practice before before applying for the DSSC?

  3. Hi sir I always check their portal there is room to applying for dssc, please notify me when the site open. Thanks

  4. In my own case, I graduated with a second class upper but I combined two of my o level results. Hope that o level will be accepted.
    Please advice

    • In the recently concluded recruitment, one of the requirements was that applicants possess a minimum of Second Class (Upper Division). It may turn out different in future recruitment. If there’s a change we’ll let you know.

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