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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Nigerians scoop palm oil spilled on the bare floor along the road in Ogun (Video)

Residents of a community came out in their numbers to scoop palm oil which spilt in the bear floor along the road in Ogun state.

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The ranking of Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world has been reaffirmed thanks to a video making the rounds on social media currently.

We have gotten used to residents of community going out to fetch spilled petrol from petrol tanks despite the risk associated.

However, what we did not see coming is people going out to fetch cooking palm oil that poured out of the vehicle transporting it on the bare floor.

As unhygienic as it was, they were even matching and walking inside the oil; apparently looking for the best place to scoop from.

Obviously, from the video, the residents care less about the unhygienic condition and the possible consequence of their actions; should they use the oil to cook.

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