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Olamide Net Worth, Cars, and Houses

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This article talks about Olamide net worth. In addition, you’ll find out the type of car Olamide drives and the number of houses he owns.

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Olamide Baddo, or Baddosneh as some prefer to call him, is among the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria. He is in fact one of the biggest boys in Lagos.

In case you didn’t know, his real name is Olamide Adedeji.

We previously shared several interesting information regarding Olamide’s history, songs and albums, so we won’t be going deep into that.

Olamide net worth and how he makes his money

Olamide’s net worth is within the region of $8.9 million (₦3.2 billion). We couldn’t get a grip of Forbes’ estimation, since he doesn’t’ have a Forbes profile.

Olamide makes his money from striking several endorsement deals with top brands i Nigeria and around the world. He was in fact the first Nigerian musician to sign an endorsement deal with CIROC.

The CIROC deal in which Baddosneh signed in 2013, was worth ₦30 million. After that, he went on to sign a deal with Guinness worth ₦80 million, and featured in the popular Guinness ad campaign “Made Of Black”.

Olamide also signed a deal with Etisalat worth ₦50 million and renewed it for an additional ₦30 million.

Aside from all of the deals listed above, Baddo has several other endorsement deals that time will not permit us to list out.

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Meanwhile, Olamide’s primary source of income is his music. His songs get streamed on YouTube, iTunes and likes, and he in return gets paid certain royalties.

But that’s not all. Mr. Baddo has several other businesses and also makes money from organizing shows in Nigeria and around the world. And the rapper charges 2-4 million per show invitation.

He is also the owner of the popular record label YBNL Nation that boast several impressive talents from around Nigeria.

Olamide, aside from music related sources of income, is rumoured to have started working his way into the petroleum business. He is said to own 2 filling stations: one on the mainland and the other on the island.

The above information explains why Olamide’s net worth is estimated to be $8.9 million (₦3.2 billion).


Baddosneh’s house, located in Lekki, is said to have cost him roughly ₦38Million.


As expected, Olamide spoils himself with a collection of several luxurious vehicles. Notable among them are a Hummer Jeep and a Land Range Rover.

Olamide cars

Hustle finally paid

Without doubt, Baddosneh deserves to be where he is now. I mean, the guy works tirelessly to kep the songs rolling in.

He been like the most consisted singer since he emerged in the musical scene.

I know many fans around Nigeria share the same sentiments with me. We want to see him getting bigger and better. And in return, his net worth will keep soaring high.

Another thing that interests me about Olamide is his ability to breed young talents. he wasn’t even soaring so high yet when he started YBNL.

It was more like a risky move that ended up paying off big time. YBNL has been getting bigger and better ever since it s emergence.

I believe it is safe to say Olamide’s success story is an inspiration to many aspiring singers out there.

His musical niche, rapping with native tongues, has began to attract several others.

In summrary, Here’s the net worth and profile of Olamide:

  • Net worth: $8.9 million (₦3.2 billion)
  • Cars: Hummer Jeep, Land Range Rover, and more.
  • House: Lekki
  • Other businesses: YBNL Records, gas station.
video of Olamide: Wo
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