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Home Entertainment Celebrity Gist Pastor Ighodalo preaches at funeral a few hours after wife’s demise

Pastor Ighodalo preaches at funeral a few hours after wife’s demise

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, husband of late Ibidun Ajayi-Ighodalo, said he received a call that shattered his life at about 2 am today June 14.

Pastor Ighodalo preaches at funeral hours after wife’s demise
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Speaking in the funeral of Biola Okoya’s son, Ayodeji, on Sunday morning, the pastor said it was around 2 am, the same Sunday morning he received a call which shattered his life.

The cleric spoke about how mysterious life is. He said if anyone had told him that ”this is how today would be, he would have said it is not possible.”

According to reports, Ibidun died inside her hotel room in Port Harcourt, Rivers State in the early hours of June 14th, 2020.

Pastor Ighodalo preaches at funeral hours after wife’s demise

The cleric who spoke in a composed but emotional tone said: “Everywhere tensed, confused, frightening and disturbing but here we are today.

“I mean if they had told us last week that we would be here to celebrating Ayodeji’s life, I would say it’s not possible. He was ill, no doubt! But, we were believing God that he would be well.

“But, here we are right now and there he is and of course a lot of you know that I really shouldn’t be here but that’s how life is.”

On his deceased wife, he said: “2 o’clock this morning, I received a news that shattered my life but life must go on and here we are today. So, I have just come to speak to us very peacefully on something I have called Life.

“Life is a deep mystery. There’s no one human being no matter how wise they are like Solomon who can say to you that they fully understand life.

“The Bible says: we see in part; we understand in part, we prophesy in part and he says most of the times we see like in a dark valley but there is going to come a time when we will see clearly as Jesus sees. Life is a mystery and let us accept the mystery of life.

“I was telling some people.. I think yesterday or today (laughs …and things have come back in its ways) that we don’t have control over most things in life.

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“You don’t have a control of how you were born, who gave birth to you, of whose womb you came, your complexion, your race, your colour, that of your eyes, your heights, and even very limited control over your weight.

“Some people struggle over their weight. They eat small and they grow fat; some eat much and they grow thin. And they are all confused all other the place. So, nobody has control over life.

“This time yesterday, if anyone had told me that today this is the way thing would be, I would say it’s not possible. How can it be possible? But this is how life is? This is how life is. Life is nothing.”

Watch a video of him speaking below:

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