How to prevent a low CPC or ban on AdSense

How to Avoid Getting Banned After AdSense Approval

Whenever I visit the AdSense forum, I see a lot of complaints by some of their users about how their accounts have been banned from participating in the AdSense Program. So we decided to publish an article that will help you avoid AdSense banning your approved account.

When you start a blog, getting companies to advertise with you is not so easy. Reason is that, your blog is new, you have no bragging right, and you are probably not getting enough visits to your blog. This is where Google AdSense comes in. They are big and have thousands of advertisers. All you have to do is apply.

We have an article on how to quickly get Google AdSense approval. However, getting the approval is one thing, maintaining a good stand with them is another thing.

Is it really that difficult to maintain a good stand with Google AdSense? My take is: No, it’s not too difficult. Google is a big company and whatever they do they do it to protect their image. They also get sued like every other company (even if they are the big guys on the internet).

A simple Google search on “Google sued” will display lists of several lawsuits filed against Google. Most of which I have observed to be advertisement related or Copyrights violation related by AdSense users on YouTube and Blogs. That’s the reason they have laid down measures to avoid any future lawsuits.

How to prevent Google Adsense ban

If your AdSense account has recently been approved, let’s have a look on how you can maintain a good stand with Google AdSense and avoid a ban from their service.

1. Do not click on your own ads or ask others to

Every advertiser on Google AdSense has a set goal by partnering with Google AdSense to display ads on blogs and YouTube videos. The advertisers want to make sales. Every Entrepreneur wants to get a good value for his investments.

however, if you are not getting enough visits to your blog, or you have a new blog and very few people are clicking on your ads, then the temptation may arise to find a way to click on the ads or convince others to do the same. Mind you, if you do that and you are figured out, your AdSense account will be banned and your generated revenues might get frozen.

Just place yourself in the advertiser’s shoes. How would you feel if after investing a lot of money on advertisement, people click on your advertisement, make no purchases and end up getting your advertisement revenue exhausted. I bet you wouldn’t feel too good about that.

Here are the illegal ways of getting people to click on your ads as truncated from the AdSense program policy.

  • Promising compensation to users or to a third party for viewing ads.
  • Encouraging users to click the Google ads using phrases same with or similar to “click the ads”, “support us”, “visit these links”.
  • Directing visitors attention to the ads using arrows or any other symbols.
  • Adding advertisement links to deceptive images.
  • Place ads in a floating box script.
  • Making ads similar to your blog posts or any other site contents in order to get people to click unwillingly.
  • Placing misleading labels anywhere near the ads. For instance, ads may be labeled “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements”, but not “Favorite Sites” or “Today’s Top Offers”.

But how do people click on your ads?

What you should do is to work on the quality of your blog contents, so as to increase the number of organic search visits to your blog. If you publish high quality articles regularly, you will get more visitors to your blog, more ads impressions and ultimately, more clicks.

2. Do not display contents that violate the AdSense content policy.

Google AdSense a content policy to guide its publishers. If your application was accepted, then it was due to the fact that your website did not violate those content policies.

However, your account will still end up getting banned if you go ahead to display images, posts or videos that violates the AdSense content policy.

Below are the contents that violate the Google AdSense content policies.

Google Adsense content policy

3. Avoid copyrighted materials even after AdSense approval

Illegal use of copyrighted contents are also prohibited. They must not be included in your blog posts or YouTube video uploads. There are different copyright laws protecting the pictures, audios, video clips you find on the web. If you are going to use a copyrighted material, there has to be a written request and permission to use it.

If you are searching for free images or videos you can use for your blog posts, we have made a publication on 22 websites you can get free stock photos for your blog post.

Apart from images and videos, you cannot go about copying contents from other websites. If you want to make a publication on a topic that has already been published by another person, then you have to find a way to publish something new, without using parts or the whole portion of the original publication.

That’s everything about avoiding an AdSense ban after getting an approved account.

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