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Find a Perfect Domain Name With 10 Free Domain Name Generators

Finding the perfect domain name for your business is not easy at all. The older generations have bought virtually all the best domain names you can think of. Some are in use, some are parked, some are stockpiled by domain flippers.

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You keep brainstorming, trying get the best ideas for your domain name and then you type in the best you could come up with, only to get the message “Sorry, domain name is taken”.

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there before.

But thanks to the domain name generators I will be discussing in this guide, the stress have been hugely cut down.

The early domain names I bought were not too catchy. However, I have made good use of the domain name generator tools I want to share with you, for my ongoing projects.

To get a good domain name, it must pass the following quality test.

  • Easy to type
  • Easy to remember
  • Popular English terms (or any other language you blog in)
  • Good for branding
  • contain keywords you promote (not applicable in all cases).

Although, some of the best domain name providers, like Namecheap, always provide you with very good Suggestions and alternatives if the domain name you tried to purchase turned out to be unavailable. In my opinion, those suggestions are not always good enough.

Whatever domain name generator you are in search of, be it a random domain name generator, short domain name generator, catchy website name generator, or you are just looking for something simple and unique that is easy to remember, I have an answer to all of your question.

All the domain name generators in this article are highly recommended. However, each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. All of which I will share with you.

10 Free Domain name generators

1. Lean Domain Search

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This tool was developed by Automattic — owners of WordPress. It is one of the best tools to start a domain name research with.

If you have an idea of the keyword you intend to research, all you have to do is type in that keyword in the search box. You will be provided with all the available combinations of that keyword and other words.

How do you start your Domain Research on Lean Domain Search?
find a great available domain name for your website in seconds (lean domain search)

For this tool, I suggest you stay logged in to your Namecheap account or any other domain name provider you wish to register with before starting domain research with this tool. As soon as you get a domain name you love, register it immediately. You never can tell, there may be hundreds if not thousands of people performing that same research as you.

The tools provide you with the following features:

  • Filter alphabetically, by length, or by popularity
  • Save your favorite domain names
  • Track your search history Share your search results
  • Instantly search your own ideas to see if they’re available

This tool is suitable for you if you have an idea of a domain name in mind, but you find it difficult to combine it with other words for a perfect domain name. And the good thing about this tool is that there are no limitations to the amounts of queries you can make on it.

2. NameStall

Namestall provides you with several tools to help you perform a proper domain name research. The categories of the tools you can find on Namestall include:

Namestall domain name generator tool
enter keyword

Enter the keyword you wish to research, select whether you want it placed at the beginning or end of your final domain name, enable/disable hyphens, and then select the group of words you want to be included in the domain name, then click on generate names.

Note: Namestall limits the number of queries you can make for free. However, the limitation only lasts for a moment. After a few minutes, you can always continue with your domain name research for free, if you are not able to subscribe to their service.

3. Name Mesh

If you already have multiple keywords in mind but don’t know how to combine them, NameMesh is the most suitable domain name generator for you. All you have to do is enter the keywords into the search box. You will be provided with all the various combinations of those keywords and the ones available for registration.

How do you start your domain name research on Namemesh?
your awesome domain name is waiting (Namemesh)

Enter your keyword(s), separated with a comma in the case of multiple keywords. Click on generate. Select the TLD you are interested in.

The tool will deliver available domains under the following categories.


You can also check the availability of social media accounts associated with those domain names.

4. I want my name

Just like Lean Domain Search, I Want My Name is most suitable for you if you have a keyword in mind for your domain name research.

How to you use this tool

a good domain name makes the diference (I want my name)

Just enter the name you want in the search box. This research tool will indicate if it is available or taken. If taken, you will be provided with alternative domain names that are similar to your keyword.

5. Name boy

Nameboy also works with keywords for your domain name. It will help you with your domain name research by suggesting the best alternatives and combination for your keyword(s) or choice. It also provides you with alternative TLDs for unavailable .com domain names.

How do you use this tool?

enter keyword -generate available domain names. go nameboy go

Enter the primary word for your domain name, if you also have a secondary word, enter it in the space you are provided with. select if you want hyphens included in your domain name and then click on ‘go nameboy go’!

6. Domain typer

This tool is most suitable for anyone who has come up with a unique domain name but is still in search of final touches. provide a list of other TLDs for your domain name that is in use.

If you have a domain name in mind but is currently registered by a launched website on another TLD, then the choice will be yours, whether to go on with your registration or forfeit that domain name.

How to use domain typer

domain typer

DomainTyper is the most responsive domain research tool. It will help you with information in regards to the domain name you typed in, without having to hit any search button.

7. Impossibility

Impossibility is my personal favorite. It provides you with the ability to customize your searches by adding several parts of speech to your domain name.

How it works:

Select the part of speech you want to be included to your domain name and whether you want it at the beginning or at the end.

impossiblity! the best domain name generator ever.

Enter your keyword, and click on search. You will be provided with a list of available domain names that match your keyword.

8. Business Name Generator By Shopify

This tool was developed by Shopify. From the name ‘business name generator’, you may get ideas that it is only suitable for people looking to generate domain names for their business. This tool, however, works in a more dynamic way than its name suggests.

how to use this tool
enter a word that you want your business name to include

type in the word you want to be included in your business name, click on generate names to get some cool suggestions related to your domain name.

9. Bustaname

Bust a name operates in a unique way from the rest. It allows you to add keywords to the search box while using the filter tools to help you generate a unique domain name.

How it works:

Select the domain extension you want for your website, indicate whether you want a two word or three-word combination. You can also indicate if you want hyphens included in your domain name.

keep typing in all the keywords you have in mind in the space provided. Depending on your selection, a two or three-word combination for available domains using your keywords will be generated in the ‘available domain box’.

10. Cool name ideas

Cool name generator is one of the best tools for proper domain research, even if you have zero ideas about the domain name you have in mind. Just having a blog topic or niche in mind is enough to find you a domain name using this tool.

This tools provide you with three cool categories: business name generator, blog name generator, and product name generator.

A good combination of all the domain name generators in this list will help you carry out an effective domain research.

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