How to reactivate a banned Fiverr account

How to Reactivate a Banned Fiverr Account or Safely Open Another

Reactivating a banned Fiverr account shouldn’t be an issue if the ban was placed due to a misconception or by mistake. However, if it is deserved, you may never be able to recover your banned account.

Fiverr has a strict TOS and, most times, bans any freelancer or buyer that violates them.

In my last guide, I shared 10 of the most common reasons Fiverr bans accounts; and gave instances of accounts getting banned due to a misconception or by mistake.

Examples of Fiverr deactivating accounts due to misconception may include:

  • Two siblings running separate Fiverr accounts using the same IP address, one or both accounts may get deactivated
  • Withdrawing money for another fiverr user using the same payment account you previously linked with your Fiverr account
  • False accusations from a buyer

In the case where two siblings run separate accounts using the same computer, Fiverr may see it as one person trying to trick the system in order to enjoy an undue advantage.

If that’s the case, you can get your account reactivated by following all due procedures.

Reactivating banned Fiverr accounts

If you feel your account was wrongly deactivated, all you need to do is contact the Fiverr support team and provide them with enough proof of your innocence.

In most cases, reasons for your account deactivation will be stated in the Email notification confirming your account ban.

When you contact Fiverr support, make sure your message is clear and detailed. If need be, provide pictures and any other files necessary to proof your account was wrongly deleted.

If your account was justifiably banned, then you may not have a case. Fiverr will not enable an account that deliberately violated its TOS.

How to safely open a new Fiverr account

Many people make a living off Fiverr and can’t possibly think of anything else to do outside Fiverr.

When such a person gets banned, and tries to reactivate that banned account but to no avail, then the next option will be to open a new account.

However, you can’t just go ahead and reopen a new Fiverr account. There are steps to take in order to avoid repeated bans.

You can contact support telling them you want to open another account; promising to be a good boy this time.

It may be very difficult to get a good response from support, though. They most times feel reluctant to help people reopen banned account or give them permission to open a new account.

That’s why you may have to act on your own…

If you have access to another computer, it’s safer to open a new Fiverr account using a completely new device—Since Fiverr cookies have very long expiration date.

If you don’t have access to another computer and want to use the same computer with which your previous account was banned, then you have to follow these steps.

Delete browser cookies, cache and Fiverr data:

Fiverr cookies don’t expire quickly, so you have to clear Fiverr cookies, browser cache and other Fiverr data stored on your computer.

Do not verify your account using the same old phone number:

Using the same phone number with which your previous account was verified to verify your new account is like shooting yourself in the legs.

Get a new phone number to verify your new account—if you don’t want to get banned again.

Do not link with the same old social account

The Fiverr algorithm looks for every signal possible to detect multiple account holders. Linking your new account with the same social accounts used for your previous account is one of such signals.

Account linking with social profiles is not a necessity, so you can choose not to link your account with any social profiles.

Do not use the same payment account:

There are several payment options available to freelancers on Fiverr. So you don’t have to use the same payment option you previously linked with your banned Fiverr account.

Even without committing any offense, just because you linked your Fiverr account with the same payment option you previously used, your account may automatically get banned again.

Do not make the same mistakes that got you banned:

A new Fiverr account is an opportunity to start afresh; but if you go on and repeat the same mistakes that got your previous account banned, then your new account will end up getting banned too.

That’s pretty much everything about reactivating an old Fiverr account or opening a new one.

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