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Monday, August 8, 2022
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Reno Omokri states why you must stay in an imperfect marriage

Reno Omokri has revealed why it is important to remain in a marriage that’s facing difficulties.

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According to him, there’s no perfect husband or wife, as the world perfection in marriage doesn’t exist.

So, instead of walking away from one’s relationship, he believes it’s better to stick around and create perfect moments of happiness.

“Satan wants you to think there‘s a perfect marriage, with a perfect husband, and a perfect wife. Lies. No such thing exists. Shame the devil. Stay in your imperfect marriage, with your imperfect spouse and create perfect moments of happiness together,” Reno Omokri said.

The former presidential aid recently warned women to stop flirting with him through DMs on his social pages.

Recall that an Abuja lawyer recently debunked a false report claiming that Abuja recorded 4000 divorce cases within 1 and a half month into the new year.

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