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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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RudeBoy Blasts Yahoo Boys who show off their ill-gotten wealth on Social Media

Paul Okoye of the defunct P-Square, who now goes by the name RudeBoy, has hit out at fraudsters who go on social media to show off their ill-gotten wealth.

Rude Boy speaks on fraudsters who show off their ill-gotten wealth on social media.
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According to him, fraudsters in the past are known to hide and not show off. However, that is not the case with many of them nowadays.

For the fact that their wealth appeared all of a sudden, many people on Instagram will assume they are fraudsters, only awaiting confirmation by law.

Una forefathers do 419… codedly, silently, no show off,” he wrote.

“Una do Yahoo Yahoo de shout anyhow, de show off; de do anyhow.

“See make I tell una … even before FBI, INTERPOL OR EFCC CATCH Una … Social Media and the association of Instagram commentators don judge una case finish… dem just dey wait make dem catch all of una.”


This is coming amid Hushuppi’s recent arrest for alleged Fraud that has attracted widespread criticism. Hushpuppi was popular for his extravagant lifestyle and show of wealth.

Needless to say, many people will relate both events and assume he is referring to the Instagram celeb who is still currently in the custody of INTERPOL.

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