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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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RudeBoy celebrates 60 million YouTube streams for ‘Reason With Me’

Popular Nigerian singer, Rudeboy, is celebrating big wins for his hit song, “Reason with me.”

RudeBoy celebrates 60 million YouTube streams for ‘Reason With Me’
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The video which dropped in August 2019 has managed to achieve such feat within 10 months of its release.

“Very Rude 60million views on YouTube,” the singer took to his Instagram page to write.

He also shared a post to tease the ladies, asking them if they could reason with a poor man and build with him.

“Ladies be honest ….. can you reason with this person and build with him ? guys make we tell them the truth? e get why,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, fans who have been cultivating any hopes that Rudeboy and Mr P will be back together as PSquare have had their hopes shattered recently.

Their older brother and former manager, Jude Okoye, doesn’t think the duo can ever come together as P-Square ever again.

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