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Monday, June 21, 2021
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Home News Africa News Rwandan Soldiers allegedly rape and beat people during lockdown

Rwandan Soldiers allegedly rape and beat people during lockdown

Rwandan Defence Force has ordered the arrest of Five soldiers who allegedly raped residents of a Nyarutarama, a slum in the capital Kigali.

A victim narrating her ordeal to a military officer.
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The central government deployed soldiers to impose the nationwide lockdown in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

However, several disturbing reports brutality, rape and stealing have since emerged from residents of the slum.

Residents of Nyarutarama who reported to the military prosecution office allege that the soldiers beat up male residents and stole from them, according to the BBC.

One of the victims who narrated her ordeal disclosed that on 26 March an armed soldier forced his way into her home and beat up her husband, when she tried intervene the soldier raped her.

Rwanda has confirmed 89 cases of Covid-19 with no deaths as of today, 4 April 2020.

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