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South-South (Niger Delta) Region of Nigeria: History, List of States & Map

The south south geopolitical zone of Nigeria, also referred to as as Niger Delta, contains six states. Keep reading to discover the names of those states along with the map of the entire region.

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The Niger Delta region is popularly known for how rich the lands are in crude oil. Of all the states therein, only Cross River is not an oil producing one for now.

The petroleum-rich region of Nigeria has been at the centre of international controversy over the insistent pollution caused by oil exploration.

Native settlers of the lands are basically into farming and fishing. However, the exploration of oil has been detrimental to aquatic life and agriculture, and therefore to their primary occupation.

List of States in South-South (Niger Delta) Geopolitical zone

According to what Late General Sani Abacha signed into constitution, the south south geopolitical zone contains the following six states:

However, recently other oil producing states like Ondo, Imo and Abia are also considered part of the Niger Delta region.

But in real sense, Ondo is in the South West while Imo and Abia are both in the South East geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Map of South south / Niger Delta

History and Facts you didn’t know about Niger Delta

How the region came to being

The Niger Delta is a densely populated region. Historically, areas within the region were referred to as Oil Rivers because it was once a major producer of palm oil.

Between 1885 and 1893, the area was the British Oil Rivers Protectorate from. And in 1993, it was expanded and became the Niger Coast Protectorate. It remained so until 1914 during the amalgamation of Nigeria.

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In 1961, the present-day Southwestern Cameroon separated from Nigeria, which led to a brief dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria over the small territory of Bakassi.

During late Aguiyi Ironsi’s administration, Isaac Adaka Boro declared an Independent Niger Delta Republic.

However, his movement and declaration failed to materialize. And it was shortly after Isaak Adaka’s declaration that the infamous Biafran civil war took place.

Ethnic groups

Major ethnic groups in the region include Ogoja, Annang, Ibibio, Oron, Efik, Ijaw Itsekiri and Ogoni.


In recent years, the Niger Delta region has faced several conflicts as a result of disagreement between native settlers and the Nigerian federal government.

Many local groups have risen to oppose what they deem an improper management of the resources in their lands.

According to them, it is unfair that the Nigerian economy depends on resources from their lands, while parts of their territory languish in ruins.

For several years now, militants have continually attacked oil refineries and harassed employees of foreign and local oil companies. As a result, activities of the Nigerian army and State Security Service have also increased in the region.

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