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How to Start Okirika Importation Business in Nigeria (Used Clothes)

Are you interested in knowing how to start used clothes, bags & shoes importation business in Nigeria (AKA Okirika business)?

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This guide will explain a few important things you need to know about the okirika importation business before you go into it.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that a lot of Nigerians still prefer to spend their money on used clothes, shoes & bags since they are mostly of higher qualities compared to most local makes.

Personally, I’d rather spend ₦300 on a used cloth than a new one that low-quality is written all over it when you wear it and people see it on you.

Besides, a vast majority of Nigerians belong to the low-income class, and can’t possibly spend their hard-earned money on expensive high-quality new clothes; therefore, they go for the second-hand options that provide quality and, at the same time, affordability.

Although Okirika is listed among contraband products by the Nigerian Federal Government, it is no secret that we still see them around.

If you live in Abuja, just head over to Mararaba Market during weekends, especially Sundays, and see bend-down-select marketers in every corner of the market along with several hundred loyal customers who never miss a market day.

And you can really blame them for fancying okirika more than the local makes.

There’s nothing worse than buying a brand new Dolce and Cabana, and bouncing to school or work the next day with it believing you’re wearing quality only to realize later that it is actually Aba or Idumota made, maybe as a result of a more experienced fashion-person drawing your attention to it.

How to Start Okirika business in Nigeria:

As said earlier, used clothes are listed among contraband products; however, we’ll look into the possibility of you going into the business, since so many people still do.

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Start by making inquiries from present dealers of Okirika in your neighborhood. Most times, however, a lot of them do not like to disclose how they get their goods.

Notwithstanding, if you know your way around things, you’ll still find a way to get them to talk.

Meanwhile, there are several merchants on Alibaba & Ebay you can purchase bales of second hand clothes from and have them important to Nigeria.

But before you think of venturing into any business that requires importation of goods from foreign countries you need to know the right people; or at least, know someone who knows someone.

Major reason you need to know someone in the Nigeria customs service is so that your consignment will not get seized by the government.

Sometimes, though, it demands more than just knowing someone. You need to pay a lot of settlements in order to clear imported goods.

If you find importation complicated, you can as well buy from other dealers that go through the stress of wholesale importation. Have it in mind, though, that it may result to an increase in the cost.

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