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How to stop MTN from deducting my credit? (Get Answers Fast)

Want to learn how to stop MTN from deducting your credit every day or every time without your consent? If yes, then this is the only guide you need.

MTN deducts credit from customers’ account as a result of renewal or payment for one subscription or the other; either from 3rd party agents from the MTN Nigeria network itself.

However, not anymore… Your credit will never ever get deducted if that’s not want you want, provided you follow the instructions in this guide.

Subscribe to a data plan or block usage of credit to browse

Someone once asked us this question “how can I stop MTN from deducting my credit when browsing?” The answer to that question is… if your credit is being deducted when you’re browsing, then it’s because you’re not subscribed to a data bundle.

See all the data bundles available to all MTN customers in Nigeria.

Your line might have been enabled to browse using your airtime. If that is not what you want, then dial *131*201#. If you want to switch back to browsing with your airtime dial *131*200#.

Verify and cancel your current MTN subscriptions

  • Dial *123*4*5#
  • Reply with 1 to see your current subscriptions
  • Select the subscription you want to opt out from and confirm that you want to unsubscribe.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in seeing your current MTN Play subscription dial *123*5*2#. You can follow the same processes listed above to unsubscribe from any of them.

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Unsubscribe from all 3rd Party services

Sometimes customers get subscribed to 3rd party services without realizing it. If that’s the case for you, then to unsubscribe to MTN 3rd party services send the messages in quotes to their respective numbers (do not add the quotes while sending):

  • “USNEWS” to 700 to stop weekly sports news
  • “UCHAMP” to 700 to stop champions league weekly news
  • “CANCEL QUOTES” to 33118 “CANCEL QUOTES” to 33115 to stop inspiration quotes monthly
  • “OUTINS” to 35070 to stop inspiration prayers daily
  • “UWMMQUOTES” to 700 to stop religious quotes
  • “UWLQUOTE” to 700 to stop love quotes weekly
  • “CANCELLOVE” to 33118 to stop love messages updates
  • “NO CFW” to 4900 to stop FC Chelsea weekly updates
  • “UFOREX” to 700 to stop forex updates
  • “UGBN” to 700 stop Guardian news updates
  • “CNNNREAK STOP” to 700 to stop CNN breaking news updates

Activate DND

There came a point when 3rd party partners of MTN and other networks in Nigeria started bombarding our lines with messages and calls. At that point NCC (Nigerian Communications Commissions) enforced a policy that allowed customers to choose whether or not they want to get those 3rd party messages.

Needless to say, some of those 3rd party companies used certain schemes and dubious methods to get people to subscribe to their services without realizing they did. And the problem with 3rd party services is that the cost a lot of money to subscribe and renew. If you are interested in avoiding deduction from your money due to unwanted 3rd party subscriptions SMS “STOP” to 2442.

Read more on activating DND on any network in Nigeria.

Call MTN customer care

After trying all you can and MTN still continues to deduct your money, then the next and only option you have left will be to call MTN customer care using 180.

Meanwhile, I am of full believe that if you follow all the instructions above you’ll not have to resort to calling customer care to stop MTN from deducting your money.

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