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Monday, August 8, 2022
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‘The day my husband asks me to pay halves on rent is the day I pack my bags’ – Lady claims

A lady has set the terms for her relationship. Apparently, she doesn’t want equal rights when it comes to paying the bills.

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The lady identified as Eden wrote saying the day her husband demands half the cost of rent is the day she’ll pack out of the house.

Woman claims she’ll pack her bags and leave if her husband demands half the pay on rents.

According to what’s written on her profile, she’s from Leicester, in England and she works as a beautician.

When several people bombed her with questions, she went on to explain her reasons for saying that.

According to her, it’s a man’s responsibility to provide financially for his household.

“I believe it’s a man’s job to provide for his household financially,” she wrote.

“Plus the roles I’m gonna take on as a wife and mother; physically, mentally and emotionally is going to level/most likely overweigh his financial burden.

“I will not be adding my money on top of that,” she added.

See the thread below:

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