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Top 10 States With the Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria

Generally, girls from certain states in Nigeria are considered to be more beautiful. To put it differently, certain girls from certain states stand out from the pack.

In this post, We’ll provide a list of the top ten states with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. However, when the majority of the supposed beholders admit to the beauty of a certain group, then it becomes quite strange to provide a counter opinion.

Indeed, subjects like this have an enormous propensity to spark debates. In other words, opinions regarding the most beautiful girls in Nigeria are subjective.

Bearing all the aforementioned limitations in mind, we have decided to compare and contrast the two most popular beauty pageantry awards in Nigeria.

If you are a fan of beauty, then you must have heard of the annual ‘Miss Nigeria’ and ‘Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria’ awards.

The Miss Nigeria Award started way back in 1957 while the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Award started in 1986.

One notable similarity between both awards is that the winners are mostly dominated by ladies from the southeast, southwest and south-south Nigeria.

Another common myth is that Igbo ladies are the most beautiful in Nigeria; an ideology that both awards have helped bolster immensely.

10 States with the Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria

Imo State

Lynda Chuba-Ikpeazu was the winner of the first Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant, and from that time started the trend for the domination of Igbo ladies in the pageant.

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Notably, ladies hailing from Imo State have won the award a whopping 5 times; a record no other state smells.

The other four Imo ladies to have won the Nigeria Most Beautiful Girl Award after Lynda Chuba-Ikpeazu are Chika Chikezie, Angela Ukpoma, Munachi Nwankwo, and Anita Ukah.

Munachi Nwankwo left | credit: Rosengurtt via Wikimedia commons, and Genevieve Nnaji | credit: her official Instagram

Moreover, in the Miss Nigeria Award, ladies representing Imo State have won it on three separate occasions, behind only Lagos State.

Women from Imo State have also represented Nigeria 10 times in the global scene.


Rivers State has not only produced 4 winners of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Award, but the state also produced Nigeria’s first and only Miss World to date, in the person of Agbani Darego.

Agbani Darego, winner of 2001 Miss World and Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria
Agbani Darego was crowned Miss World 2001. | credit: AgbaniDarego Instagram

In fact, she was the first native African to win the award.

Agbani Darego looks dazzling in a slim gown
Agbani Darego looks dazzling in a slim gown | credit: Agbani Darego Instagram

Rivers state also produced the Miss Nigeria winners for 1980 (Syster Jack) and 2001 (Valerie Peterside), although the latter was eventually dethroned due to issues with her WAEC result.


Lagos State is home to Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. However, that is not the only thing it is known for. In the sense that, the state also boasts some of the most good-looking ladies in Nigeria.

Lagos State has produced 10 Miss Nigeria winners. As a matter of fact, no other state is a tad close.

Furthermore, Lagos State has also produced 3 winners of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria award.


Anambra is hugely considered as one of the states with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Ladies from Anambra have won the MGBN award on three separate occasions.

Unoaku Anyadike won Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2015
Unoaku Anyadike from Anambra State won the award for the Most Beautiful Woman in Nigeria in 2015. | credit: Miss World YouTube.

Furthermore, 2 ladies from Anambra have represented Nigeria for Miss Universe and 3 have represented Nigeria for Miss World.

Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom State has produced MBGN winners on 3 separate occasions. Moreover, the state has also produced 3 representatives for Nigeria at the Miss Universe & Miss World Pageantry Awards.

When we speak of the dashing looks of Akwa Ibom ladies, one name that comes to mind is Ini Edo. She remains one of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the Nollywood.

Ini Edo looking beautiful in a brown baggy trouser
Ini Edo looks dashing in her baggy trousers | credit: Ini Edo Instagram

Cross River

Cross River state has some of the prettiest girls in Nigeria. For that reason, they have emerged victorious at MBGN on 2 occasions and have represented Nigeria at the international level on 3 distinct occasions.

Isabella Ayuk, winner of MBGN 2012
Isabella Ayuk from Cross River State won the award for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 2012 | credit: Isabella Ayuk Instagram


For religious reasons, our sisters from the north do not participate in beauty pageantry. Nevertheless, it is not hard to tell that Katsina State has some of the most beautiful Fulani girls in Nigeria.

Beautiful Hausa/Fulani woman
A stunning northern lady credit: Nairaland

In reality, going through the list of pageantry participants, you’ll notice that several names representing the north are not really northerners.

Beautiful young Hausa/Fulani Girls
Hausa/Fulani girls looking beautiful | credit: nairaland

As a result of cultural and religious differences, Katsina girls who are known for their stunning looks do not really feature in pageantries.

Nevertheless, we still feel the inclination to include them on our list. The reason is, it will be totally unfair not to feature the Fulani girls whom virtually everyone will agree are naturally beautiful.

Delta State

Delta state is responsible for producing 2 MBGN representatives for Nigeria at Miss Universe 2009 and 2006. Also, the state has produced 2 winners of the annual Miss Nigeria Pageantry Award.


Bayelsa state is one surprise inclusion on our list. However, it is well-deserved considering the exploit of ladies from the 10,773km² state.

Anna Banner looking simple and stunning
Anna Banner from Bayelsa State won MBGN 2013 | credit: Anna Banner Instagram

The most popular Bayelsa-born beauty queen is Anna Banner, who won MBGN 2013.

Aside from that, Bayelsa state has produced 3 representatives for Nigeria at the international scene.

Anna Banner in a short beautiful white gown
Anna Banner looking dazzling in her short gown | credit: Anna Banner Instagram


Women from Edo State, Esan ladies particularly, are known to be extremely beautiful.

One notable person from the Esan tribe is the Late former first lady of Nigeria. The late Stella Obasanjo was indeed beautiful, even in her late 50s.

That is by the way…

Queen Celestine, who received the award for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2014, also hails from Edo State.

Queen Celestine is the winner of MBGN 2014
Queen Celestine won the award for Nigeria’s Most Beautiful Girl in 2014 | credit: Queen Celestine Instagram.

Beauty is subjective

Many people may not agree with the ranking because their states were not featured. As we have said earlier, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In other words, people see beauty differently.

If your state isn’t featured on our list, I want you to know that there is no intention whatsoever to make you feel bad.

Nigeria is a country of beautiful people; you are beautiful just the way you are. And I’m sure a lot of people who love you would agree to that.

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