Transfer credit on 9mobile

How to Transfer Credit on 9Mobile (Etisalat)

Here you’ll find out exactly how to transfer credit on 9mobie (etisalat), which of course is an important activity virtually every customer indulges in.

9mobile — formerly Etisalat — is a telecommunication giant that commands millions of customers nationwide.

As simple as certain tasks may seem, if you don’t know what codes are necessary to carry them out, you may never be able accomplish them.

Before we go on, take note that you can only transfer credit (airtime) from 9mobile to 9mobile. In other words, you are not permitted to transfer from 9mobile to MTN, Glo, Airtel or any other telecommunication network.

9mobile transfer code

9mobile credit transfer code

The general code used in sending airtime from one 9mobile subscriber to another one is 223.

But before we we dive deep into the steps you need to follow, there are a few things you must take note of.

If you’re initiating transfer for the very first time, then you need to change from the default transfer PIN, which is usually 0000.

Also, you must have up to or greater than the balance you wish to send to another customers.

Another point to note is that 9mobile, most times, do not allow customers transfer bonus airtime — so you must have money in your real account balance.

You can verify what your current balance is by dialing *232#.

As earlier noted, to be able to use 9mobile transfer code, you need to first of all change from the default 0000 PIN code assigned to your line.

You can do that by dialing *247*0000*NEWPIN#. And your new PIN must be a 4-digit number.

For instance, if you wish to change from 0000 to 2321, then dial *247*0000*2321#.

Immediately you’ll receive a message confirming your change of PIN. Peradventure you forget what your PIN is, you can always call customer care using 200 to help you on PIN reset.

Now that you know have a transfer PIN, let’s see how to use it…

Transferring credit (airtime) from 9mobile to 9mobile

To transfer credit on 9mobile, dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. And this must be dialed on the line from which you’re transferring the airtime.

The new PIN you created will be used here, since you can’t use the default 0000 PIN.

For example, if you intend to transfer the sum of ₦300 to 08091234567 using, let’s say, 2321 as your transfer PIN, then you’ll need to dial *223*2321*300*08091234567#

Afterwards, you’ll get a popup telling you to dial 1 to confirm you transaction. Go ahead and do that after confirming that the number you’re sending to is indeed correct.

With that, you’ll get an instant message confirming your transfer.

Final thoughts

Finally, I want to make one thing explicitly clear regarding the use of 9mobile transfer code.

All transactions are irreversible, hence you must check the recipient’s number closely before confirming transactions.

In addition, you must make your PIN private so as to avoid unauthorized transactions.

In the event that you suspect fraudulent activities, you can always call 200 to speak with a 9mobile agent.

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