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Monday, July 4, 2022
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UN suspends workers without pay after they were caught having sex in an official car

The United Nations has placed two male international staff members on suspension without pay after they were caught in a van having sex with a lady.

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In the video, a woman in a red dress is seen straddling a man in the back seat of the car while another sat at the front.

The UN, thereafter, launched an investigation into the 18-second video that went viral on social media last month.

The body earlier released a statement to condemn the act and revealed it had launched an investigation into it.

Following the outcome of the investigation, the released a statement on their website confirming the suspension of the two men in the van.

“Two male international staff members, who were in the UN vehicle in Tel Aviv have been identified as having engaged in misconduct, including conduct of sexual nature,” The United Nations wrote.

“Given the seriousness of the allegation of failing to observe the standards of conduct expected of international civil servants, the two staff members have been placed on Administrative Leave Without Pay.

“This is pending the results and conclusion of the ongoing OIOS investigation.

“UNTSO has re-engaged in a robust awareness-raising campaign to remind its personnel of their obligations to the UN Code of Conduct.

“The OIOS investigation continues, and we will keep you informed.”

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