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5 Overcrowded And Underpaid Gigs Freelancers Must Avoid On Fiverr

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Fiverr sellers currently list over 3 million Gigs. Among those Gigs, you can find overcrowded and underpaid ones. Rendering such services are a nightmare for new sellers.

According to Fiverr, the main goal of its platform is to help small startups. However, that’s no longer the case. Even the big businesses now visit Fiverr to get jobs done for “just 5 dollars”.

Not bad though!

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Who doesn’t love FREE or VERY CHEAP?

Be it a big business or a small startup, whichever it is, they pay to get your services. Which is a good thing.

The more buyers patronize the platform, the greater the chances of every freelancer getting a fair share of job.

Freelancing, though, is almost becoming an overcrowded marketplace. If overcrowded with buyers, would have been something great.

But nay…

it’s the other way round.

I consider some services in Fiverr not just crowded and underpaid, but highly underpaid and extremely overcrowded. If you create a gig rendering such services, you may end up never making any sales.

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Even a good intro and gig description may not be enough. People want to see 5 star ratings.

If you don’t make sales, how do you get one?

So you may have to resort to offering your services at ridiculously cheap rates.

Have this in mind though…

With an excessively cheap rate comes doubt. Reasonable buyers start to doubt the quality of the services you render. Especially because you’ve made no sales.

It’s better to avoid rendering such gigs in the first place. Fiverr Algorithm already has a list of sellers it prefers. New sellers may make little to no sales if they render such gigs.

If you are already a freelancer and not making sales, or you plan to make more sales as a freelancer, I will disclose the freelance work to avoid. Except it is, of course, the only thing you’re skilled at and can’t possibly think of rendering another.

Underpaid gigs or services new freelancers must avoid On Fiverr

Logo Designs

It’s hilarious to see people designing business logos for “just 5 dollars”, and completing up to 20 queued orders daily.

Trust me! Most of them do really provide quality services.

In fact, when I first thought of becoming a freelancer, I was most interested in becoming graphics designer.

But when I visited Fiverr and saw hundreds of logo designers rendering their services for just $5, at first, I found it too good to be true. I Checked their samples, portfolios and reviews and was totally blown away by the quality of logos I saw.

All for just 5 dollars…

No wonder Fiverr started the infamous ad campaign on Social Platforms that stated: “Why Pay $100 For A Logo.”

Although that ad campaign was met with widespread criticism, they already made their points and got the attention they wanted.

Not just logo design. Many other graphics related freelance work in general are highly overcrowded. It is logo design, however, I consider most overcrowded.


Some people promise to transcribe a 60 minute audio/video file for only 10 dollars.

Hey! Don’t doubt the quality of their gigs because of that small amount of money. Many of them will actually deliver quality jobs.

Transcription services is not only an overcrowded marketplace on Fiverr, but also an underpaid freelance work.

You doubt that?


Now, let’s analyze how much work you have to do as a transcriber.

  • You need an incredible typing speed to meet up with some buyer requests.
  • You need to properly proofread and punctuate any transcript you provide.
  • You may have to download large and convert large files.

Let’s see how you would have made more money rendering other services.

To be able to type 10,000 words in one day makes you an advanced typist. So why not offer your services on Freelance sites that pay typists on hourly rates? With such a typing speed, you may earn a lot more working elsewhere.

Most top proofreaders earn up to $10 for proofreading 1000 words. For a 60 minute audio, depending on how much talk is involved, you may have to type up to 10,000 words.

If you offered to proofread a 1000 word text for $10, then you would have made $100 for proofreading 10,000 words.

Anyone that’s capable of transcribing must also be capable of proofreading. Isn’t that correct? So, why not offer to proofread instead?

File conversion is actually offered as gig on Fiverr. And trust me, most people who are not so computer literate are out there looking for freelancers who can carryout simple file conversions.

The suggestion to avoid transcription services may not apply to the ladies though.

They thrive more rendering transcription services. Maybe because they enjoy the job a lot, or the marketplace favors them more—90% of them are ladies.

Data Entry/Analysis

I don’t consider data entry specialists underpaid. However, I consider the marketplace overcrowded.

It’s the most popular freelance work among most newbies.

Maybe because it’s hard to truly prove your worth on Fiverr when you are new. So most people just settle for any freelance work that demands less professionalism or little to no need for proof of certifications.

Web design

Not just on Fiverr. I consider web designers underpaid on most Freelance sites. How would you promise to design a website for someone for just 50 dollars?

Trust me! Many freelancers would do a great job with that small pay.

Now, tell me, how do you compete with such sellers as a newbie?

Nobody would ever consider giving you a job if you don’t have any ratings on your profile.

You may have to bring your services down to as low as 30 dollars before you get noticed.

Articles And Blog Posts

People actually offer to write a 500 word blog post or article for just $10. Too good to be true, right?

For most featured sellers or top sellers in the search query for content writing, you see 5 star reviews and positive feedback.

Copyrighting is not categorized under the group for overcrowded gigs. It is, however, under the group of underpaid gigs.

What to sell on Fiverr

As a new freelancer on Fiverr, you must look past the generic services; services that consume more time and pay less money. I would suggest you take your time and study several gigs that sell well, but are not overcrowded.

Buyers are starving for freelancers on certain services. You need to study the marketplace and spot those services.

Note: Everything you’ve read so far are only suggestions. You may create a gig rendering those non-recommended services and do just fine. It’s your choice, and yours alone to make.

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  1. This article is very helpful. I was going to start doing transcription, but my typing speed is under 50 wpm which is already bad. My question is, would you recommend any of those services buyers are dying for that you mentioned?

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