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How To Correct All The Reasons AdSense Did Not Approve Your Account

AdSense as we all know, rejects thousands of applications everyday for several reasons.

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Most people feel disappointed when they get rejected and may sometimes lack the motivation to reapply.

I know exactly how you feel — I have felt the same way too.

I applied to AdSense with my copy and paste entertainment blog back in 2012 only to receive a smacking rejection.

Although there are several good alternatives to Google AdSense out there, it has remained the best contextual advertisement company for years.

That explains why almost every new blogger wants to get an AdSense account.

Getting rejected is not the end of it all. You can reapply and get approved if you make all the necessary corrections needed.

how to properly handle an AdSense rejection

1. Interact with experienced bloggers

If you’re running solo, then you’re wrong. You don’t have to face your problems alone. When AdSense reject applications, they give so many reasons for doing so.

It is very necessary to understand the Google AdSense rejection message you got. That’s the only way you will be able to correct it.

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I remember when I applied many years back and got rejected. They told me my posts had some copy and paste contents. I went ahead and deleted those copy and paste contents. I re-applied, then I got another rejection. This time, they said I used copyrighted images without permission.

It was like having to delete all the images in my numerous blog posts. That was when I gave up applying with that entertainment blog. The mess was just too much to clean up. Or so I thought.

The wrong thing I did back then was that I faced all those problems by myself. I didn’t interact with other bloggers. If you are currently doing that, then you have to correct that mentality. The laptop screen is already a boring place enough. Why make it anymore boring?

Get in touch with other bloggers in forums or by commenting on their posts, especially those that have been there for years. I am certain many people will be ready to help.

2. Make appropriate changes

What you have to do to avoid multiple Google AdSense rejection is to make appropriate changes. If you do not make appropriate changes, trust me, they will reject your application again.

When some bloggers get rejected, they feel like AdSense made a mistake and did not review their blogs properly, and reapply without making any changes. If you do that, then you are bound to face multiple rejections. And trust me, the second time hurts even more.

Google AdSense has a strict content policy and will never succumb for any reason, whatsoever, if you have any of the prohibited contents on your blog.

3. Prove your quality

This may sound confusing to you. But trust me, I know exactly what I am saying. A friend of mine applied to AdSense with a new blog, his application was neither rejected nor approved — he was put under observation.

After a few days, he got an email notifying him of his AdSense approval.

That’s what I mean by prove your quality.

Avoid reapplying for Google AdSense in a very short span of time. If you do, then you are probably going to get rejected again in a short span of time.

Understanding An AdSense rejection message (Case Study)

One person once sent me an email saying: “AdSense keeps rejecting me, what should I do?” If Google AdSense keeps rejecting your application, then it is means your blog still violates a few things from the approval requirements. Maybe it is because you didn’t understand the rejection message you got. And as a result, you didn’t implement all the necessary changes.

Below is an AdSense rejection message gotten by one of my readers.

Google AdSense rejection message

Google AdSense rejection message 2

This rejection message is identical to the one I got applying for the second time with my copy and paste blog.

Now, let’s thrash out the content of that AdSense rejection message.

Insufficient contents

This message is really clear; however, I find it necessary to shed more light on it. People tend to find it confusing at times, what the ideal length of a blog post is. I have a guide that will help you understand the perfect length for your blog post.

AdSense does not have a documented length of blog post required. But if you’re interested in getting a good search engine visibility, it is recommended that you write above 300 words. It will also help you avoid getting an AdSense rejection message like that.

Also, you must never apply with a website you are still building. You will only get approval with an already built website. A website that has a clear navigation path and includes all necessary pages. Like, privacy policy, about and contact pages.

A clear navigation path may sound confusing to you. I once visited a website and what I saw on the homepage was just an email subscription button and social links.

There was no single blog post on the homepage of that website

 I had to type domainname/blog before I was able to see the blog posts of that website.

That’s a perfect example of a website that’s hard to navigate. If you are applying to AdSense, you cannot apply with yourdomainname/blog. You can only apply with yourdomainname.com — which I believe is most times directed a site’s homepage.

If you don’t want a rejection message from Google AdSense that talks about insufficient contents, then you must design your homepage in such a way that it will include blog posts from the different categories of your website. Your homepage must be well linked to other sections of your site.

This is not too difficult if you have a WordPress blog. There are a lot of free page builder plugins. I make use of Elementor when building websites that use static homepages.

Another reason you might be getting an insufficient content message may be due to the fact that you have a few original blog posts.

Original contents are contents that are unique to just you. If you run a tech blogger or an entertainment blog, you will notice that your publication is very identical to thousands of other bloggers. That’s the reason you must work on having a few editorial articles on your blog.

If a Google search is made with the keywords in the title of your blog post, then your blog will be the first or probably only result. With that, your blog will have an increased organic traffic.

Also, images and Video blogs may not receive Google AdSense approval. Reason is that, those type of blogs usually have very limited writeup. If you don’t have enough writeup, then there will be no place to display your ads.

For video blogs, I suggest you try to upload some of your best work on YouTube. You can as well sign up with the AdSense Program using your YouTube channel.

Copyrighted Materials

If you Get a Google AdSense rejection message telling you your website contains copyrighted messages, then you have to review your website to trace and delete those copyrighted materials.

Copyrighted materials might not be as a result of you copying and pasting other people’s blog posts or work on your blog. Copyrighted materials can be photos, videos, software, music and even eBooks.

People who find it difficult to dodge this copyrighted photos are mostly entertainment bloggers who publish blog posts and include images of celebrities or paparazzi snaps without due permission.

There are so many websites to get free stock photos from, so I advice you take off all the images that infringe on copyright laws before reapplying.

Apart from copyright issues, there are other things AdSense term as prohibited contents. Those contents must not be found on your website.

If your website is a portal for downloading software, whether computer or phones software, then your website must not violate what AdSense calls “unwanted software policy“.

If your website contains hacking and cracking tutorials, then you shouldn’t even think of using that website to sign up with Google AdSense. That application will never get approved.

The type of websites that are not allowed into the AdSense program are listed in the Google AdSense program policy.

Once you are able to resolve all those problems, then feel free to reapply.

recommended guide:

That’s all about understanding AdSense rejection messages.

If you have any question about getting AdSense approval, feel free to communicate them using the comment section below.

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  1. I have obeyed all the principles and yet not approved. They have rejected my application again. Please what do i do. I need your help. My blog is just 2months old – naijaspeed.com

  2. very helpful Matt Stephens but i have a question if we edit google images then can adsence still reject you

    • Hi Sachin Subhash, if the images you edited are copyright protected, then even editing it doesn’t means infringing. It is better not to use such images except you’re certain they are not copyrighted.

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