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Union Bank Transfer Code: How to Send Money on Phone Via USSD

Union Bank Transfer code allows you to send money to Union Bank accounts or another bank using your mobile phone.

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The good thing about it is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to make transfers. In other words, you can avoid long bank or ATM queues. All you have to do is dial a simple USSD code.

In fact, why go the bank when you can bank on-the-go? That’s the slogan Union Bank of Nigeria attributes to this service.

However, to be able to use this service, you must first create a secure PIN that will be used for confirming your transactions.

To create a PIN, simply dial *826# on your mobile phone and follow instructions. You must dial this code using a mobile phone number that’s linked to your Union Bank Account.

If you’ve successfully created your secure transaction PIN, then you’re ready to complete transfers now.

How to send money using Union Bank transfer code

  • To send money to another Union Bank Account, dial *826*1*amount*account no#.
  • To send money to other banks in Nigeria, dial *826*2*amount*account no#. Afterwards, confirm the bank name from the list of options you see.
  • After dialing any of the above code, check to make sure the account name and number of the recipient is correct.
  • Enter your secure PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM card number to confirm your transaction.

After completing all of the above steps, you’ll receive a debit alert confirming your transaction.

Limits & Charges


  • Using the above code to send money to Union Bank accounts is absolutely free. That is, no other money will be deducted from your account apart from the exact transfer amount.
  • Transfers to non-UBN accounts attract a fee of 52.5 naira only per transaction.


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The daily limit per transaction is 200,000 naira. To put it differently, you cannot transfer more than 200,000 naira in one day. If you wish to increase your limit, visit any UBN branch near you or contact customer care online.

Other things to know regarding Union Bank Transfer code

  • you can only make transfers from your individual current or savings account. Therefore, Corporate Accounts, Joint Accounts, Target Savings Accounts & Domiciliary accounts are not allowed to use Union Bank transfer code.
  • The USSD code is only available for UBN account holders.
  • The service requires no internet connection, but depends on the availability of a strong-enough network signal.
  • The service is available on MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9Mobile.The cost of transaction is free on GLO, 9Mobile, and AIRTEL. However, customers of MTN will experience extra-charges as regards to this service. Check the image below for details:
MTN charges for union bank USSD code transactions

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We hope our guide answers all the questions you have in mind regarding Union Bank Transfer code. If you have any questions or contribution, you can reach us using the comment section of this post.

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