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Unity Bank Customer Care Phone Number, Email Address & Live Chat

In this guide you’ll learn how to contact Unity Bank customer care using their phone numbers, email address or live chat portal.

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Unity Bank – which boasts millions of customers – is one of the CBN approved commercial banks in Nigeria.

Many of those customers face one problem or the other on a regular basis. As a result, Unity bank launched its online helpdesk. Through this platform, you can receive support right from home on a wide range of issues.

There are basically three ways to get help from the comfort of your home, they are: email, phone call and live chat.

I’ll introduce you to each of them, and – depending your budget and how hasty you are – you get to choose which of the options meet your needs.

Unity Bank customer care phone number

To get support over a phone call with a Unity bank customer care representative call any of the following numbers:

  • +234 (0) 7080 666 000
  • +234 (0) 7057 323 226, 
  • +234 (0) 7057 323 227
  • +234 (0) 7080 666 030

The support phone number is available from Monday to Friday, during work hours presumably.

However, those phone numbers are not toll-free. Which means you have to pay for every second/minute you spend on the call.

And as we all know, call rates over some network providers in Nigeria is a bit high. So this option isn’t for anyone managing airtime at all.

Unity Bank customer care email address

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To receive support via email, forward your inquiries, requests or complaints to [email protected] or [email protected]

You should get a response within a few hours. We cannot state a specific wait time; everything depends on how many customers are in queue to receive support.

Unity Bank customer care live chat

The only way to chat live with a Unity bank customer care representative is by contacting them on either Twitter or Facebook.

Using those official social accounts or sending an email is without doubt the best option for anyone trying to dodge the expensive rate.

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  1. Hello customer care, my name is Idigu Aghogho, and am a customer of unity bank, Abraka Delta State Branch.
    I transfered 49,900 from my unity bank to Zenith on1st on June and didn’t received the money on the beneficial account and I was debited. I made a complain about this issue in the bank but I haven’t gotten my money back, please I need this money badly, you guys should resolve this issue.

  2. Good day, customer service, I made a transfer of 20 thousand 7 times and the 3rd and the 6th times were not successful but I was debited from my unity account without receiving it in the beneficiary Bank. After 24hrs plus I recieved a credit alert for 20 thousand and it’s more than 2 days now and I have not recieved an alert for the other 20k.

  3. Hi sir,my npower stipend have not been transfer to my new account been given to me by unity bank otukpo branch. The old account number is 0023584116,the new one is 0038396292….they said the old account number is an NYSC acct and any money that is coming into the old account will be transfer to the now account and up till now it have not been transfer

  4. Good day
    Dear sir, my name is abubakar musa aliyu i am customer of Unity Banks branch of potiskum i have a problem my account have a problem because of i use *7799# but why charge me 3500 with my account than i came to the bank i meet the manager with my issue/ complain say i use this cord but why
    thank you for give me ths opportunity have a nice day.

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