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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Wazobia Cash Investment Review: All you need to know

Wazobia Cash Investment is the hot potato in town. Many people want to know if it’s a scam or real. In my review, I’ll tell you all you need to know about the newest shiny object in town; our article includes how Wazobia cash works, how to register, login and what to expect.

Is Wazobiaway.cash too good to be true? Keep reading to find out.
Is Wazobiaway.cash too good to be true? Keep reading to find out.
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Perhaps, you have met one or two persons who talked about wazobiaway.cash to you and got you interested in joining the scheme.

Well, who wouldn’t consider a money making opportunity? Or so it seems.

What is Wazobia cash investment and how does it work?

Wazobia cash Investment is a mutual funding platform with over 725,000 members as at the time of writing this post.

Homepage of the official website of wazobiaway.cash.
Homepage of the official website of wazobiaway.cash.

I must, first of all, inform you that this platform is young, as it has only been in existence since January 2020.

Wazobia promises investors a 50% profit on their first investments within just three days. Subsequent investments, however, will give you the same 50% profit but gets ripe in 7 days.

Furthermore, the platform allows investors to withdraw both the invested amount and their profit at once.

However, you must take note of the fact that you can’t withdraw your investment except you, first of all, invest a new sum that is not below your initial investment.

Meanwhile, the current minimum investment amount is N10,000 while the maximum amount is N1,000,000. Also, you have to pay an activation fee of just N1,000 when when you first register.

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Based on the above facts, if you invest the sum of N10,000, you’ll get N15,000 back in just three days. However, to withdraw that N15,000, you must first pay in another N10,000 or more.

The table below gives you an insight:

Total: 40,000Total: 45,000

So, if you’re investing just 10,000 continuously and you decide to stop at your fourth investment, you’ll end up making just five thousand naira. However, if you decide to continue, you’ll steadily earn N5,000 with subsequent investments.

I’m sure you now understand how it works.

Referral bonus

Wazobia cash investment also offers a 10% bonus on the first deposit of anybody you refer to the site. Thereafter, you’ll receive 5% on the subsequent deposits they make.

Is Wazobia cash Investment legit or scam?

Now, you might be wondering if Wazobia cash investment a scam or a legit platform. Well, it actually works. At least, for the moment.

We tried it out for the purpose of this review. Guess what! They indeed paid us in due time.

But that doesn’t mean you should rush to invest just yet. I’ll tell you several things you must bear in mind before putting your hard-earned cash into this scheme.

Seriously, I don’t know how to call them scam or real. The reason is, all the information about their platform is available for all to see.

They aren’t even trying to hide their business model. Nevertheless, many people still find the platform lucrative and are putting their hard-earned money into it.

Wazobia investment review

Everybody wants to grow their savings, no doubt.
Everybody wants to grow their savings, no doubt.

You might be wondering how the platform works and what they do with your money to make that earns you commissions.

Wazobia cash investment is a Ponzi Scheme, just like MMM and its other predecessors.

As I’ve said earlier, they aren’t trying to hide it from people. As stated on the website, whatever you pay in is like a donation.

That is, they depend on new donations to keep the system running

But is that sustainable on the long run?

I’ll be blunt with you.

Wazobia claims to have a more stable investment plan. For instance, the re-commitment policy ensures that people keep investing before they can withdraw. That way, people don’t withdraw and just give up on the programme.

Just like every other past Ponzi schemes, there’s every possibility that it will crash in the not too distant future.

Most people will ignore this, but the website expressly states this in its disclaimer that reads as follows.

“The information on this website does not convey an offer of any type and is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities, commodities, or other financial products.

In addition, the information on this website constitute the provision of investment advice. No assurances can be made that any aims, assumptions, expectations, strategies, and/or goals expressed or implied herein were or will be realized or that the activities or any performance described did or will continue at all or in the same manner as is described on this website.”

What they are saying in simple English is they cannot assure you that the system will continue to work.

Therefore, if you ignore that warning, you do that at your own detriment.

Wazobia Investment registration

Now that you know the risks involved, if you insist on registering, we’ll tell you the official websites of the scheme. So that at least you won’t lose your money to copycats.

Currently, Wazobia Cash Investment runs on several websites.

They include:

  • Wazobiastar.cash
  • Wazobia.cash
  • Wazobiaway.cash

There could be more. But those are the ones I know of.

I seriously don’t understand why they have so many similar websites, as it can easily confuse their investors.

That said, you must know the one you registered at so as to avoid login confusion.

How to register

Step 1. Visit any of the websites and click on the register button at the top right corner of the screen.

Wazobia cash register

Step 2. Enter your credentials and click on sign up.

Wazobia cash investment registration

The credentials you need to enter includes your phone number, email address and then a strong password you can remember.

Step 3. Visit your email to click on the confirmation link sent to you. You can also check your spam account in case you don’t see it in your inbox.

That’s all. You have an account with them.

Frequently asked questions

How can I login to Wazobia investment dashboard?

As I said earlier, the platform has different websites. Therefore, it is important to remember the exact one you registered at. The reason is, your credentials will not work in other variations of Wazobia cash websites.

To login to your the Wazobia Investment dashboard, simply visit the exact one you registered and click on the login button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Thereafter, you must enter the email address and password you created your account with and click on login.

How do I invest?

After signing up and log in to your account, you’ll need to activate your account by clicking on the “activate my account” button and paying the sum of N1,000 only.

Thereafter, you’ll have the option to make a pledge in the homepage.

You can chose to either invest in Naira or in Bitcoin.

making a pledge on Wazobia investment website

Either way, the next option will be to enter the amount you want to pledge. Afterward, click on “I want to invest this amount.”

In a while, the system will merge you with someone you must pay into their account within the stipulated time.

How do I withdraw funds from Wazobia investment?

  • Once you’ve logged in to your dashboard, you will see a withdraw button after your investment is due for withdrawal.
  • Click on the “withdraw” button to initiate the withdrawal.
  • Thereafter, the system will place you on queue to be merged to receive from another user.
  • Once you have received your payment, click on the button to confirm accordingly.

Can I borrow money to invest in wazobia.cash?

As matter of fact, investing with borrowed money isn’t something you’d want to do. If you seriously want to avoid stories that touch, use your spare money if you must participate.

Even the website strongly warns participants against borrowing money to invest in the Wazobia Investment Programme. The reason is, investments on the system are considered as pure DONATIONS to each other.

To put it differently, if the system fails, you don’t have anyone to hold responsible.

How can I become a guider?

To become a Guider, you must refer up to 10 active users to the system. Thereafter, you’ll begin to earn an extra percentage from every user under you.

What is account Upgrade?

By default, the system compels you to double your investment once you’ve reached 5 withdrawals. As I’ve earlier noted, you begin to make profits after your fourth withdrawal. Meaning, after making profits twice, you have to upgrade your commitment.

How can I contact wazobia.cash customer care?

You can contact Wazobia.Cash investment customer care by visiting their customer care page.

The options available include phone call, Whatsapp, Telegram and Email. Alternatively, you can simply complete the contact form on their website.

Meanwhile, we’ve had several people complain in the comment section saying their messages aren’t getting replies.

Well, I’m thinking it’s as a result of a tremendous surge in the number of people participating in the scheme.

Can I own multiple Accounts?

Surprisingly, Wazobia investment doesn’t restrict their customers from owning many accounts. In fact, they appear to encourage people to do so, in as much as they have the financial capabilities to run those accounts.

My wazobia.cash account was blocked, what can I do?

It will be in your best interest to avoid getting your account blocked. As I’ve noted earlier, the platform is highly saturated with members at the moment. Therefore, you may struggle to get replies to your message.

If your account is blocked, then all you can do is write to customer care and hope they reply your message early enough.

Truth is, a lot of people are looking to get support the same time, making the workload on them quite high.

A way to avoid getting blocked is making sure you remit your pledge. Otherwise, your account may end up blocked, preventing you from doing further transactions.

Warning, disclaimer, and advice


We are in no way affiliated to wazobiaway.cash, wazobiaweb.cash, wazobiaking.cash, wazobia.cash or its other variations. This is not a sponsored post and we don’t have any referral links in it.

As a matter of fact, we encourage you to invest wisely or don’t invest at all, as you risk losing part if not all of your investment.

Needless to say, their members keep growing with or without our article. Therefore, I decided to offer insights on this highly important matter.


One thing you must take note of is the information stated at the privacy policy section of the site. Many people fail to read it, which is not good.

The last clause in their website reads, “By accessing and/or using this website, using the provided facilities members hereby gives up their right(s) with regards to any loss their might encounter from the use of this site irrespective of any extent they feel that we contributed to such loss no matter how reasonable or evidence they may have any issue raised in any court of competent jurisdiction you agree that this clause shall be used to determine the outcome of such proceeding.”

In simple English, no matter the sum of money you end up losing, you can’t hold them responsible.


If you must invest, do not use your entire savings. Also, do not borrow money from anybody to put in. It is advisable to do that using your spare money. In other words, any amount you know you won’t cry if you lose.

As I said earlier, just like every ponzi scheme before it, this one too cannot work for ever.

Finally, all members will have to make testimonials and share them on their social media pages to be able to enjoy certain benefits.

Are you interested in investing or have you invested in the scheme? Do you have any contibution to our review?

Let us hear them using the comment section below…

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Matt Stephens
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  1. Wazobiacash investment has not paid me for 3weeks now,my ID wa******* my phone number 080******* I put in five hundred thousand and recommitted same amount I was to receive by 19 June but up till now they have not merged me

    • Hi Udeme Friday Bobson, I seriously hope you get to retrieve your money back. Meanwhile, try calling their customer care to know what the problem might be.

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