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O2TvSeries movies: Free TV Shows & Series Download – 02TvSeries

O2TvSeries is a portal for downloading the latest Tv series and shows. It is a legit site based on review. In other words, 02tvseries not a fraudulent or phishing website; however, copyright violation and viruses are other important things to look out for.

So, does the website host virus infected files? Does it infringe on the copyright TV companies? Those are the questions you’ll find answers to right here.

A lot of people headover to whenever they are interested in downloading their favorite TV series and shows.

As a matter of fact, you can download – virtually any TV series or TV show you can think of – in 3gp, mp4, and HD formats.

How does 02TvSeries work?

O2Tvseries displays the latest additions right on the homepage. From there, you can discover if your latest favorite TV show has been uploaded.

recently uploaded tv shows / series on o2tvseries / 02tvseries

Navigating the website is really easy, since all movies are arranged in  alphabetical order.

You can browse through the movies either by selecting your intended alphabet range or by using the Google custom search at the top of the page.

Alphabetical arrangement of series and tv shows on o2tvseries / 02tvseries

However, after clicking on of the alphabet range, you may need to browse through for a while before detecting the movie you’re searching.

As a result, most people prefer to use the Google custom search. So long as you know the name of the TV show you’re searching for, all you have to do is type it in and hit enter.

How to download on O2TVseries?

First of all, you need to know the name of the movie you intend to download. If you do, then downloading it will be easy.

Here’s how download movie from o2TvSeries:

  • Visit the homepage of the website using
  • Use the Google custom search or click on the alphabet range of the movie you wish to download.
  • Scroll to locate and click on the exact TV series you wish to download.
  • Click on the season and episode you’re interested in.
  • Choose the format you want to download; the options are mp4, mp4 HD and 3gp.
  • On most browsers, the episode you select begins to play; ignore, right-click on any empty space and click on save page. Or if you’re using a mobile device, long-press an empty space and click on save.

After following the above steps, the episode will initiate download.

However, take note that all the above operations only possible on a compatible browser. They are: UC browser, Mozilla, Chrome, etc.

The above guide is based on what is written on the website.

But there are few things you need to know before using 02Tvseries, so as to avoid certain consequences.

Points to note about O2TvSeries

Website is most likely safe to use

Sucuri scan result on / 02tvseries

I did a scan on 02TvSeries using Sucuri, and according to various reports it gathered, the website is safe to use since there’s no record of viruses. Also, the o2tvseries isn’t blacklisted on Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, and more.

However, Sucuri was unable to scan some sections on the site which — according to Sucuri Site Check — carries medium security risk.

No SSL installed

It is noticeable that it uses Which means, there’s no SSL certificate installed on the site. As a result, you’ll get a notification on browsers like chrome and Mozilla telling you it’s not safe to share passwords.

But since O2Tvseries doesn’t require that you create an account before downloading movies, then there’s nothing to be worried about.

Excessive pop ups 

O2TvSeries uses aggressive advertisement strategies. Therefore, using the site subjects you to several pop ups and pop unders. In any case, the revenue the site generates from those ads are very much needed to keep this giant free download portal up and running.

Copyright infringement

A lot of people do not know this, but downloading of copyrighted movies for free is actually a crime. From what we’ve observed, the movies on O2tvseries are most likely copyrighted movies offered for free.

As long as a movie is copyrighted, downloading it may result to you getting a fine if you’re found guilty.

However, uploaders of copyrighted materials gain more attention than those who download.

Although it’s not common for media companies to sue individuals for downloading movies for free, it still doesn’t cancel out the fact that it’s a crime.

The legal way to watch movie online is by subscribing to netflix, streaming on youtube, spotify or using any other premium platform.

Conclusion: We have received several complaints that o2tvseries hosts and offers a lot of copyrighted contents. Our advice is stay away to avoid copyright violation penalties.

Disclaimer: Now that you know everything about using, whatever you decide upon is at your own risk.

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