Stop Glo data plan auto-renewal

How to Activate or Deactivate Auto-renewal of GLO Data Plans

Many of my readers have shown a stern interest in knowing how to stop the auto-renewal feature on Glo data plans, while some are interested in knowing how to activate auto-renewal. This guide tackles both issues.

Glo is the second largest mobile network in Nigeria, with millions of customers who subscribe to one data plan or the other on a monthly basis.

But it’s a two way thing when we subscribe to a data plan. It’s either we want it auto-renewed, if we want to subscribe to the same bundle; or we want renewal done manually, if we don’t intend to subscribe to the same plan.

How to activate auto renewal on Glo

Glo introduced this feature in order to save their customers the stress of redialing several codes. Therefore, as soon as you dial the code *777# and subscribe to a data plan, the auto-renewal feature becomes automatically enabled, by default.

So to activate auto renewal all you have to do is subscribe to a data plan and ensure you have up to the amount you used for your subscription before it expires or gets exhausted; with that your plan will get renewed without a need to dial any code.

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How to stop auto-renewal on Glo

To stop auto-renewal on Glo, just send the message “CANCEL” to 127 (without the quotes). And this message must be sent before the expiration date or exhaustion of your current data plan, or else it might get renewed automatically, and your money will not get refunded.

I hope with this guide you were able to stop Glo from automatically renewing your data plan sub when it’s not what you want.

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  1. Sunday AdewaleFebruary 15, 2019

    So how do i activate auto renewal back? I cancelled it initially, but i have done another data plan. When i check my mb remaining, it still tells me my auto renewal is cancelled. I wants it activated

    1. Matt StephensFebruary 15, 2019

      Hi Sunday, after deactivation auto renewal, you might have to contanct Glo customer care on 121 to have it reenabled.


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