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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Home Gossip Akewugbagold reveals face of staff who 'masterminded' kidnap of his twins

Akewugbagold reveals face of staff who ‘masterminded’ kidnap of his twins

Popular Oyo Islamic cleric, Taofeeq Akewugbagold, has released the photos of his worker who allegedly masterminded the kidnap of his twins.

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Recall that NaijHomeBased had earlier reported that Oyo State Police arrested 7 persons in connection to the kidnap. They are Rildwan Taiwo, Rafiu Mutiu, Olumide Ajala, Fatai Akanji, Rafiu Modinat, Bashiru Mohammed and Opeyemi Oyeleye. 

According to the cleric, the person who masterminded the kidnap

The young man identified as Opeyemi Ibraheem Agbenuso Odo was one of his social media assistants.

Opeyemi Ibraheem Agbenuso Odo allegedly masterminded the kidnap of Akewugbagold’s children.

According to the cleric, he planned to sponsor the young man’s wedding which was supposed to hold in december before finding out he has a hand in his children’s kidnap.

“Alhamdulillah ! Allah has bear me witness that I worship Him only,” the cleric wrote.

“This is Opeyemi ibraheem Agbenuso odo a casual worker under me who is handling social media aspects of my Ramadan lecture.

“He was the BETRAYAL who organised and masterminded the Kidnapping. He so much warmed himself into my heart that till 3days ago we do break fast together on the same plate,him only.

“I believe he’s full of wisdom and I pencilled him down for HAJJ 2020 with a promise to finance his wedding 100% in December.

“Is it a crime to be nice to a highly talented but jobless young man? He’s to collect #100k for handling my Ramadan lecture social media apart from data, he has collected 25% apart from daily gift. Alhamdulillah for everything.”

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