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How to Create Naira (₦) Sign With or Without Microsoft Word & Excel

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In this guide you’ll learn how to create a Naira sign on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, we’ll show you a simple trick to insert the naira sign into a text even if you’re not working on either of those apps; maybe you’re trying to insert it using an android phone.

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The naira sign is slightly tricky to insert into text, considering the fact that most computers we see around don’t have it on their keyboards.

The only currency sign you can see on the standard keyboards around Nigeria is the $ sign.

Since there’s no naira sign on most keyboards, you need to be conversant with both MS Word and Excel to fish it out.

This shouldn’t be a complicated task if you know your way around MS word or MS Excel. Or you know the simple trick I’ll show you here. But I’m guessing you’re not conversant with those apps, and that’s why you’re here.

How to insert the Naira Sign on Microsoft Word

Step 1. In your microsoft word toolbar, click on ‘Insert’

Insert button on Microsoft Word

The insert button should be located just above the screen, directly beside the home button to the right.

Step 2. Click on symbol and then more symbol

Symbol & more symbols option on MS Word

The symbol button will display after you click on insert, and should be located at the right-hand-side of your screen.

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After you click on symbol, you will be provided with several popular symbols. But unfortunately the naira symbol is not among them, therefore you have to click on ‘more symbols’ to display a list of other symbols not among the featured ones.

Step 3. Search for and insert the naira sign

Insert the Naira sign on MS Word

Make sure you select the Naira sign and, thereafter, click on the insert button to include it to your text.

Note: the sign will be inserted to the exact point where your writing pointer is.

How to insert naira sign on Microsoft Excel

Step 1. Click on ‘insert’ and then on ‘symbol’

Insert symbol on MS Excel

On Excel, the insert button is located at the upper part of the screen, directly beside the home button to the right.

After clicking on the insert button, among the list of sub-menus you’ll find ‘symbol’, click on it.

Step 2. Select the naira sign and click on insert

Insert the naira sign on Microsoft excel

Once you click on symbol, the naira sign should be among the featured symbols. All you have to do is select it and click on insert. Thereafter, it will appear at the exact block you selected.

How to insert naira sign without Microsoft Word or Excel

If you’re not working with Microsoft Word or Excel, and you need the naira sign on maybe a web page or on your android phone, then all you have to do is copy it from here.

Here’s the naira sign: ₦

All you have to do is long-press it on your phone and select the text. Afterwards, click on copy and then paste it wherever you want it.

Everything should work perfectly fine, provided your computer or phone supports fonts such as the Arial Unicode MS, Tahoma and Lucida Sans Unicode.

Recent computers and phones support those fonts, so you shouldn’t have any problem displaying the naira sign.

Is there a Keyboard with the Naira sign?

From our experience, there’s no keyboard with the naira sign on it by default. Neither is there any shortcut on any keyboard to display the naira sign.

Apparently, the only way you can insert the naira sign is by following our steps above.

Now that you know how to insert the naira sign, hopefully, you’ll help us reduce the trend of replacing the Naira sign (₦) with N.

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