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How to Easily Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress (Complete Guide)

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If you are interested in learning how to embed YouTube videos in WordPress, this guide will show you how to do just that in very easy to follow steps.

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Just like pictures, there’s no doubt, whatsoever, the importance of videos to bloggers. It increases your website’s engagement and improves the overall UX (user experience) of your blog.

For people that run a tutorial blog like me, there’s always a need to embed videos I have published on my YouTube channel to my website.  Reason is that, most people feel a lot more comfortable following video instructions rather than a written guide.

Not just on tutorial websites, I also embed YouTube videos on my other sports blogs for one reason or the other.

How to Embed YouTube videos in WordPress

Depending on the particular area within your website you want to add a YouTube video, you can employ different methods. You can make use of YouTube links or embedding codes.

Watch the Video guide

If you are not okay with the video tutorial or you just want to learn more, then continue reading.

Using YouTube links

First, you need to copy the link of the video you want to embed to your website.

To do that, visit that video and click on the share button.

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YouTube Share video

A pop up containing the link of that video will appear.

copy video link

The only customization option you are provided with will be “start at 0:00.” you can select the exact time you want your video to start playing at, but if you are okay with the video starting from the beginning, don’t click that part, just click on copy.

This YouTube link can be added to your blog post with ease.

On your WordPress editor, make sure this link is pasted on a blank space. A new paragraph preferably.

By default, once a YouTube link is pasted anywhere within your website, WordPress automatically fetches the video, visibly right within your post editor.

Not just YouTube, pasting of video links in WordPress editor works with Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook and most popular video hosting sites.

Using YouTube embed option

This is method is my most preferred way of adding YouTube videos to my site, and I recommend you follow it too. Using the YouTube embed option allows you to properly customize the video you wish to add to your blog.

To follow this method, visit the YouTube video you wish to add to your site, click on share>>embed.

click on embed

A popup containing embed options will be displayed. You can disable and enable as per your needs and when you’re done, click on copy.

This code can be added to anywhere in your website – your blog posts, blog sidebar or any other place you want the YouTube video seen.

On your WordPress post editor, click on text. It can be found at the top-right corner of your screen.

text editor
Paste your iframe code anywhere within your post you want the video seen. and once you are done, click back on visual, just beside text.

with that code pasted in your editor, the video will be visible immediately you switch back to visual.

Frequently asked questions and answers about embedding YouTube videos

Am I permitted to embed YouTube videos I don’t own to my site?

If the share and embed option is found in any YouTube video, then you have the permission of the owner to add it to your site. Just make sure you do not modify or reproduce that video. Using any of the methods above should not land you in any trouble.

Just make sure you don’t embed videos that have infringed on copyrights, because eventually, that video may get taken down by the copyright holder and become inexistent. This will end up hurting the user experience of visitors to your website.

Why not upload the videos to WordPress?

Most people who start a WordPress website prefer using shared hosting plans, because shared hosting plans are very affordable. With BlueHost for instance, you can host your WordPress website for as low as 3 dollars per month.

But with shared hosting, you may not have limited server resources, like: bandwidth, space, speed, etc.

That’s why it is highly recommended you make use of third-party sites to host your videos.

That’s everything about adding YouTube videos to WordPress. If you had any issue getting this done, feel free to communicate them using the comment section of this post.

Connect with me on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter to get access to more tutorials like this faster than anyone else.

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