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GTBank salary structure: How much do they pay their workers?

If you are interested in working with GTbank, then one of the things you should be interested in knowing is their salary structure. In this article, we will be telling you how much you stand to earn as a worker with GTbank in Nigeria.

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This article is aimed at giving you an idea of how much you will be earning as a worker with the Guaranty Trust Bank, Nigeria.

Before we proceed further, it is important to note that the salary a worker earns depends on some factors such as the position, experience, job specification and location of the bank.

Guarantee Trust Bank Nigeria (GTbank)

GTbank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria. In fact, many would argue that it is the best bank in Nigeria at the moment in terms of their condition of services.

It is also one of the best when it comes to the salary structure of their workers i.e. how much their workers are paid monthly.

It was founded in 1980 and thus far, it has several branches in Nigeria and across Africa with its headquarters at Victoria Island Lagos State.

Due to its efficient system of satisfying its customers, even though it is not on the list of the top ten oldest banks in Nigeria, it has won the hearts of bank users in Nigeria.

Not just the hearts of customers, even those who aspire to work in the banking sector now prefers to work with GTbank – especially the entry level workers.

In this article, we will be telling you the salary structure of staffs of GTBank.

Factors that determine the salary of their staff

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Factors that could determine the salary of a worker include:

  • category (permanent and temporary/contract workers)
  • Level of experience
  • Job specification
  • Position
  • Location of the bank.

GTBank Nigeria salary structure (2020)

As we have stated above, there are several factors that determine the amount a worker earns. As you continue to read, you will discover the factor that applies to you.

Temporal/contract workers at GTbank

As the name suggests, contract staffs are those whose employment is temporal and their employment agreement is subjected to review from time to time.

There are several factors that determine the salary of staffs of the prestigious bank.

One of the major thing that affects the salary of a worker is if he/she is a permanent worker or temporal/contract worker.

Yes. There are permanent workers and there are temporary workers. the temporal workers could be those on contract with the bank whose contract the bank may decide to renew or end depending on factors such as their work experience and other qualifications.

Those that could be working temporarily also includes students who are on industrial training whose internship could last for a few months.

How much I.T students earn at GTbank

For the I.T students, their minimum payment is usually within the range of ₦40, 000. while other contracts workers could earn below or above  ₦70, 000.

On average, a temporal GTBank staff earns around  ₦70, 000. Although, the factors we have mentioned above can still affect their earning.

GTbank Permanent workers

The permanent workers at the GT bank can be divided into different sections and positions. For clarity purpose, we will be specifying these different positions and indicating their salary.

Graduate trainee salary at GTBank, Nigeria

Graduate trainees are those that have graduated from higher institutions and are undergoing some kind of training in the bank so that they can be fit to take several positions in the bank.

One of the requirements for this is the NYSC discharge certificate. The salary for the trainees is around ₦200, 000 monthly.

What is an Entry-Level Staff Salary At GTBank?

Entry-level staff are recent graduates of a given discipline. They may require some on-site training. Guaranty Trust Bank pay a minimum of ₦209,000 per month on average. Unlike the graduate trainees and the interns, the entry-level staffs enjoy other benefits and bonuses.

Assistant Banking Officers (ABO) Salary At GTBank

This position is a promotional level from entry-level staff. The assistant banking officer office comes with a higher level of experience than the former. They are paid a minimum of ₦250,000 monthly in GTBank.

Banking Officers (BO) Monthly Salary At GT Bank

Banking officers are a level above the ABOs. In Guaranty Trust bank, banking officers earn a minimum of ₦350,000 as monthly salary.

How much Senior Banking Officers (SBO) earn at GTBank

Guaranty Trust Bank senior banking officers receive an average of ₦500,000 on monthly basis. They are at the bottom of top earners in the bank but earn hundreds of thousand above those in the previous levels. They also enjoy bonuses and other allowances.

Assistant Managers (AM) Salary At GTBank Nigeria

This position is a step higher than the senior banking officer. This level is the advancement of an employee’s rank or position in the bank. The Assistant managers (AM) in GTbank earn ₦650, 000 monthly.

Deputy Managers Salary At GTBank Nigeria

Theo Deputy Managers are a step ahead of the assistant managers in the bank. GTbank pays their Deputy managers ₦800,000.

Branch Managers Salary At GTBank Nigeria

The branch managers are responsible for supervising the banking activities of their designated branch.

Of course, this is a dream position for workers in the bank because of the mouth-watering pay.

But with a mouth-watering pay comes higher responsibility. As such the position comes with higher requirements like many years of experience with the bank; exceptional work ethics, and other individual achievements.

Having said all these, Guaranty Trust Bank pay their Branch managers a minimum of ₦1.3 million monthly as salary in Nigeria.

Asides the primary salary, permanent staffs are also eligible to get a number of benefits and allowances.

Also, the longer they stay in the bank, the higher their salary gets. They also start getting leadership positions.

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