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How To Block a Number From Calling You On MTN

In this guide, you’ll learn how to block a number from calling your MTN line.

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Unwanted calls can be very annoying, and they come in different forms. However they come, there are measures you can put in place to prevent them.

Many people have had to endure unsolicited calls from stalkers or MTN generated ads from third-party partners of the network.

If you’re facing any of those issues, then putting your phone on flight mode or enabling MTN call barring wouldn’t be a fancied option.

So, depending on the particular issue you’re dealing with, we’ll be showing you different ways to block numbers on MTN and the areas in which they are applicable.

How to block a number from calling you on MTN

If you’re interested in blocking a specific number on MTN, then it’s as easy as following the steps below:

Step 1. Visit your contact and click on settings

Call settings on android 9.0

Note: The view varies from phone to phone. The screenshot above was taken using an Infinix S4 running on Android version 9.0.

Step 2. Under setting, click on “blocked numbers”

Blocked numbers
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Step 3. Click on ‘Add A Number’

Add a number to your list of blocked numbers

Step 4. Enter the phone number and select block.

blocked number

We advise you type the phone number you want to block using the full country code. For instance, if you’re adding a number from Nigeria, then, instead of adding the regular 08012345678 it’s better to add 2348012345678.

Another point to note is that, if you’re using a 2-SIM device, the number will be blocked on both of your SIMs. That is, if you have both MTN and Glo lines installed on your phone, they will both not be able to receive calls and messages from the number you blocked.

In addition, this setting is done with the help of your phone and is therefore only valid for as long as you have your MTN line on that phone. If you move your MTN SIM card to another phone, then you have to follow the same steps to block numbers.

How to block all numbers from calling you on MTN?

The customary way of blocking all numbers from calling you is by enabling flight mode. However, that also prevents you from accessing the internet and receiving messages.

If, for instance, you run a customer service line and you simply don’t want to receive any calls on your MTN line, but still want other network services to remain active, then enabling flight mode isn’t the best option for you.

For MTN Nigeria, there’s a service called call barring.

To start, first of all, change from the default barring PIN by dialing *03*330*0000*New PIN*Repeat New PIN#

Now, to bar all incoming calls (In other words, block all numbers from calling your MTN line), dial *35*PIN# on your MTN line. Whenever you wish to cancel this feature dial *35*PIN#.

If you wish to know the status of call barring on your MTN line, just dial *#35# using that same line.

How to block calls from 3rd party partners of MTN

Now, this doesn’t fall into the category of the two options we previously addressed. In this case, you don’t wish to block a specific number, and you’re not interested in blocking all calls; just the annoying calls from 3rd party partners of MTN.

To block all numbers from 3rd party partners of MTN disturbing your line with commercials, simply activate Do Not Disturb (DND) on your line.

To activate full DND, SMS “STOP” to 2442.

If you wish to block specific 3rd party numbers, SMS “Help” to 2442. Afterward, you’ll receive a message containing several services and how to deactivate them.

Alternatively, read How to activate DND on MTN to see all the services and how to stop them.

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