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How to register a business name & cost of registering a business name

Starting a business requires that one gets a good business name. In this article, we will be showing you easy steps to follow to register your business name.

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After getting a good business name, one of the things that should be of concern to you is how to register this business name.

Registering a business name is not hard. All you need is the right information and direction to follow and that exactly, is the essence of this article.

Importance of registering a business name

Many business owners do not see the need to register their business name most times. But it is not supposed to be so.

Registering a business has its advantages and we have listed some of the advantages below:

  • First of, when you register your business name, you get a Certificate of incorporation by the corporate affairs commission (CAC)
  • It helps you protect your business name and brand.
  • Acquiring loans from the Bank.
  • Credibility which can also bring investors.
  • The longevity of the Business.
  • It will help build customers trust and create a good reputation with customers.

Registration steps for Business Names

  1. First and foremost, check for availability of the Business Name (click here). 
  2.  Reserve a new Name 
  3. Complete the pre-registration form – CAC-BNo1
    Note: Steps 1-3 can be completed on the Company Registration Portal (CRP)
  4. Pay filing fee 
  5. Provide the signed scan copy of the following pre-registration documents for upload. they are:
    • Application form
    • Filing fee receipt
    • Means of identification for the proprietor (s)
  6. Upload the scanned documents for processing.

 It is important to note that individuals can register business names without employing the services of any legal practitioner.

Cost of registering a business name

1Reservation of Name500
2Registration of business name10,000.00
3Filing of notice of change of business name5,000.00
4Filing of notice of change in business address1,000.00
5Filing of other documents (miscellaneous)1,000.00
6Search on business name file1,000.00 per business name file
7Certified true copy of business name certificate of registration5,000.00
8Certified true copies of other documents2,000.00 per document

We do hope this article was useful. Check out our other post on how to register a company and the different types of companies available.

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