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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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“If I cannot beat Deontay Wilder then I’m no good’ – Tyson Fury says ahead of rematch

The act of teasing in the game of boxing is not an unusual thing, as fighters most times tease their opponents before a clash.

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Apparently, this act of teasing kind of adds some excitement to the game and leave lovers of the game anticipating.

This time, it is the undefeated Heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury teasing his rival, Deontay Wilder, ahead of their much-anticipated rematch on Saturday night.

The first fight held in December 2018 ended in a draw, although it was followed with a lot of criticism.

Hopefully, Saturday’s will be different.

The pair will meet at the MGM Grand and go for the Ring magazine, Lineal heavyweight and WBC Heavyweight belts.

Fury said that he will not be regarded as a great boxer if he does not beat Wilder come Saturday night.

People go on about him(Wilder) being the biggest puncher in heavyweight history but it’s about who you’ve fought,” Fury said

Fury also noted that Wilder couldn’t keep him down in their first fight.

Speaking of his opponent, Deontay Wilder, the boxer has knocked out 41 men out of the 43 fights he has fought in his career.

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According to Fury, he’s been in tougher fights than Wilder. Wilder fight dummies, he said.

He said, “I’ve almost always been in fights I could lose.”

“Deontay’s fought 35 bums. Tomato cans they call them here in the States. Duck-egg dummies brought in to pad his record. He’s only had seven or so real fights.”

Fury did not end there, he went on to analyze the fights Wilder have fought after their first match in December.

He referred to Dominic Breazeale who fought against Wilder as a big idiot; who walked onto a big shot in the first round.

Then for Luis Ortiz, Furry said he is so old, 50.

He added that his(Fury’s) nine-year-old son could knock Luis out in the eight-round when he can no longer walk.

Fury said: “The two KOs he’s had since our first fight were(was) that big idiot Dominic Breazeale who walked onto a big shot in the first round and Luis Ortiz who is so old – 50 – that my nine-year-old son could knock him out in the eighth round when his legs are so far gone that he can’t walk.

Fury is no doubt trying so hard to piss off Wilder and anyone would be pissed off with all these things Fury is saying

He said, “Deontay’s punches will bounce off me because I’m bulletproof. If I cannot beat Deontay Wilder then I’m no good.”

I will not go down as a great or a champion. I would just go back to Morecambe and never sniff boxing again. And I doubt I’d ever see him again. He wouldn’t come to Morecambe and I’m certainly never going to live in Alabama.” Fury said.

In what seemed like Fury was trying to defend himself, he said he is the only good man Wilder has ever faced but he was not fit at that time.

He said “the only really good man he’s ever faced is me and I was just coming back from three years out, weak as a robin and with coat-hangers for shoulders. If he couldn’t beat me then he sure can’t beat me now.

‘Also, he revealed who his toughest opponent was. He said, “Steve Cunningham – that cruiserweight who had me over once in New York – was my toughest fight. He was hard and a good boxer.”

Fury is hell-bent on making Wilder nothing short of pissed off; anyway, that would be good for the match.

He went on to say: “Deontay is a very limited boxer, albeit one with a big punch but not as hard a hitter as Wladimir Klitschko and he couldn’t knock me over or out.

What I saw 14 months ago was exactly the Wilder I expected and he will be the same again, he continued.

“The difference is I’m stronger and fitter now and still younger. And at 34 he ain’t going to get any better. He’ll either plateau or slide.

Speaking of Wilder’s weak point, he was asked what Wilder could be most susceptible to, Fury joked: ‘Low blows. He don’t protect his groin.’

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