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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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I’m tired of you twisting scriptures to suit your canal & selfish gain’ – actor, Akah Nnani slams Daddy Freeze

Nigerian actor, Akah Nnani, has accused popular controversial OAP Daddy Freeze, of twisting the scriptures to suit his ”selfish and carnal” purposes.

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According to Akah, he is tired of Daddy Freeze‘s regular act of interpreting the bible to suit himself.

Akah took to Twitter to pen down an open letter to the leader of the Free the Sheeple movement.

He wrote the letter in response to Daddy Freeze’s reaction to the backlash that trailed a video of him feasting with the suspected fraudster, Hushpuppi. 

Recall that the Dubai police shared a video of Hushpuppi’s arrest.

Also, it shared all the financial crimes he allegedly committed together with the number of people he allegedly scammed.

According to the video, he scammed over 1.9 million people of over N150 billion.

Daddy Freeze is popular for attacking pastors for collecting tithe and offerings from their members.

However, he has not said anything about Hushpuppi’s arrest.

In addition to that, Daddy Freeze had visited Hushpuppi’s Versace mansion and they dined together.

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Daddy Freeze even told poor Nigerians that their fathers are better off as Hushpuppi’s domestic staff.

Consequently, Nigerians took to social media to bash Daddy Freeze.

They accuse him of being a bigot for dining with a suspected fraudster and even mocking Nigerians who make honest money.

The OAP, however, defended himself. Quoting Mark 2:15 where Jesus dined with “sinners”.

He said that Nigerians are funny people. He also noted that he is happy that he is not answerable to anyone save his master.

Furthermore, he was blocking social media users who trolled him and also said, “he will say what will make them drink sniper”. 

Akah Bant’s response to Daddy Freeze

Reacting to Daddy Freeze’s response, Akah said that he is ”tired of Freeze manipulating the scriptures to suit his selfish and carnal purpose.

Akah Nnani slams Daddy Freeze
I’m tired of you twisting scriptures to suit your canal & selfish gain – actor, Akah Nnani slams Daddy Freeze

Noting that Daddy Freeze does that to deceive unsuspecting Nigerians, the ones who does not know the scripture.

Furthermore, Bants told Daddy Freeze that contrary to his thought that he is not accountable to anybody, he is accountable to his fans and followers.

“Till now, you have not denounced the actions of Hushpuppi. In the end, most of us who have our heads well screwed don’t need any explanation,” Akah wrote.

“We heard you at dinner with your close friend. You weren’t just there to have dinner and exchange differences of opinions. No.

“praised him endlessly and told Nigerians who earn an honest living that they would be better of if their fathers were Hush’s domestic staff.

“We KNOW the truth and the falsies. You shouldn’t have said anything,” akah added.

See his tweets below:
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