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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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It is a sin to rent a house, have a landlord – Pastor, Charles Osazuwa Says (video)

According to Nigerian pastor, Charles Osazuwa, it is a sin to be living in a landlord’s house, because a man cannot have two masters since God is a jealous God.

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Pastor Osazuwa who is the founder of The Rock of Ages Christian Assembly made the claim during one of his services.

He believes whoever has a landlord has another lord appart from God. After that, he quoted a scripture which says God is a jealous God, and doesn’t like sharing his worship.

According to Osasuwa, the first thing a man must do when he starts earning some money is to buy land and build a house to stay in. The house doesn’t have to be classy since it’s your first house. This is necessary just so that you don’t stay in a landlord house and be a sinner.

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