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Monday, June 21, 2021
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#BBNaija: Kiddwaya ends things with Erica but appears jealous as Neo hugs her (videos)

It is no longer news that Erica has ended things with Kiddwaya and the guy did not press on to make her say otherwise.

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In her words, “our making out was unplanned. Obviously i liked it but i want to focus on the game i don’t want any boy drama.

Kiddwaya who accepted her proposal of just being a friend did not say anything to oppose. He accepted and then went straight to Nengi to relay what transpired between himself and Erica.

Speaking to Nengi, he said he doesn’t intend to have anything serious with anybody. He is not interested in having a girlfriend.

Also noting that Erica is a good girl and he will not want to hurt her seeing that she gets hurt by his flirtatious nature – which he says he can’t change.

Replying, Nengi told him that she does not think the both of them (Kidd and Erica) are attached. She went on to admit that she is the cause of their misunderstanding.

She also said that if he wanted something with Erica, that she, Nengi could step aside. however, it appears to be too late now.

Because it was pretty obvious that Erica and Kidd were trying to form something between them, even if they were not very serious about it. BUt the bond between them was quite obvious.

But Nengi did not see that they were attached and she kept flirting with Kiddwaya. However, now that Erica is stepping aside, Nengi is now promising to keep her distance from Kidd?

Watch the videos below:

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Although Kidd says he doesn’t want anything serious with Erica. He appeared t be jealous when Neo was hugging Erica.

It was obvious that he was jealous – At least the sheepish smile says so.

Watch the video below:

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