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Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Kiddwaya’s Father Expects to see him Marry Erica – Plans a big wedding

It appears Erica and Kiddwaya’s relationship has gotten the biggest endorsement yet. Kiddwaya’s father, Terry Waya, expects to see him marry Erica and plans a big wedding.

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Terry had a live interview with a popular journalist, Dele Momodu, during which they discussed a host of things.

The billionaire socialite thanked Nigerians for supporting Kiddwaya wholeheartedly despite the harsh economic situations.

And when Dele popped the question about what he felt about Erica and Kidd’s relationship, he replied saying he sees all Nigerians as one. According to him, there’s no issue whatsoever with whatever region his children decide to settle for.

Terry said his family will hold a wedding in Nigeria so that Kidd’s fans can attend.

Everything they said sounded like a joke because they kept laughing all along. However, many would see it as a welcome development nonetheless.

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